Saturday, September 25, 2010

Brotherly Love

Reading time around here usually consists of the boys each grabbing a book and reading some of it to the rest of us. Morgan has been slowly working his way through a variety of chapter books, favorite picture books, and a new easy reader set of mysteries he's discovered. All of which we completely enjoy and it has really helped build his confidence with reading, a big plus around here.

Jayden has been working his way through the Usborne Phonics Fat Cat On  A Mat & Other Stories. We own a few of the books that are part of this collection but they are scattered between Tasmania and America, so when Jayden said that he felt his reading books were repetitive and annoying we pulled out this particular book. Morgan also enjoyed a few of these stories when he was first learning to read, and he found it funny that they seemed so easy now.

One day last week it was quite late by the time we all curled up together on the couch to read. After listening to Morgan read to us about the case of the Missing Spaghetti there were complaints of hunger. So I left Jayden on the couch reading while I went to cook lunch. The instructions were simple, "Morgan would you please sit and listen incase he needs help."  I wasn't that far away, but with all my bustling about I couldn't completely hear everything Jayden was saying.

I turned around to check out the progress and found them curled up together reading through the story.  Despite what the pictures tell you, Jayden really was the one reading this story. (And yes, Jayden is the same size, if not a pinch bigger, then his older brother. Always has been.) Interestingly enough, I find words that might normally trigger a stumble with Morgan don't when he's the "teacher".  I found the scene quite sweet. I've heard many tales of how Morgan has helped Jayden read through books in the wee hours of the morning, but I've yet to witness how it unfolds.