Saturday, September 18, 2010

Banana Split Cake

Recently I'd spotted a Banana Split cake over on Lynn's Kitchen blog. I filed the thought away for a rainy day and that was that. On Father's Day I thought I'd try it out, only I had one of those moments where I couldn't, for the life of me, remember where on earth i'd seen the recipe!

I could remember the basic gyst of it and made a sugar-free yellow cake up. I simply used a basic yellow cake recipe and subbed out the sugar for coconut sugar. It worked beautifully. The cake also called for buttermilk, and because I had another plethora of kefir I subbed that instead.

Unfortunately, I didn't remember the cake was suppose to have a custard/pudding filling between it's layers. I'm not sure anyone here cared though because they all gobbled up the cake. I split our yellow cake into 3 layers and between each layer we put homemade carmel sauce, sliced bananas, homemade cherry sauce and whipped cream. The boys had a blast helping make this cake for Daddy, but I must say it doesn't look too scrumptious does it?

That, my friends, is what happens when you're working in a kitchen with two amazingly funny helpers and, brace yourselves, one light bulb. Yes, one. Not because I was a cheapskate and refused to buy more. Not because it was an Eco bulb. No, simply because our kitchen light fixture burns through bulbs like nothing. Seriously, we've even complained about it before but it seemed to test out okay. Which means we load it up with bulbs and in a weeks time one blows, and a week later another one blows. It makes cooking in the winter a real mystery. Ugly or not, Mr S was delighted with his cake!

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Tracey said...

That looks delicious! I will have to try it. We are a banana family.