Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Winter Olympics/Commonwealth Games

This past week we held a homeschool event that we opted to entitle Homeschool Winter Olympics. In hindsight with all the hype in this house about the CommonWealth Games, that would have been a more fitting name. Such is the way it goes.

Our boys were completely psyched for this and we refused to let them in on any of the games we had planned. The competitive streak in them would have gotten the better of them and they would have spent ages practicing in order to perfect their styles.

However, because it is winter time in the Land Down Under right now we knew we had to be prepared for rain. Thus, we came up with 5 games that could be played inside and the ages of those playing wouldn't matter one little bit.

We also printed out lots of gold, silver, and bronze medals and decided we'd only break our groups down into three teams. Thus, each child would always win a medal regardless of where they placed in the game. Then we took all the country flags we've been collecting and pinned them on the valances between the living room and dinning area. It was quite impressive and the boys wanted me to leave it like that forever. Little do they know there's been plans in the making (for years) to decorate their room in the same sort of fashion.

Unfortunately, not a single fellow homeschooler showed up for the "big event". Not to be deterred from our day of fun Mr Scarecrow and I challenged the boys to a round of Winter Olympics. Man, my boys took this so seriously! That's the podium Jayden set up while they celebrated their medals while listening to a random national anthem Mr S pulled up on youtube for them. We were standing behind the camera laughing ourselves silly, and Jayden did a serious "I'm not impressed" face at us.

Oh, I really wish we had photos of the games, or videos of the reactions afterwards because they were priceless. I mean, everyone cries when they receive medals right? So Mr S and I played that one up. Morgan, on the other hand felt the need to "bite" each gold medal because he's yet to forget the reaction of many Olympians. After the boys successfully beat Mommy & Daddy they rang up their two eldest cousins and challenged them to a round of Winter Olympics. There was much excitement when they agreed and came round for the fun.

Jayden was our most serious competitor. He took all the games light heartedly, but boy howdy did he take those medal ceremonies seriously. It was so cute I really wanted to video it, but I couldn't stop laughing long enough to get the battery in!

We ended up playing the following games:

Bobsled Race -- one person sat on a bean bag chair while another person had to push them around a loop on the wood floors in our home. The idea had been for a little kid to be on the beanbag while the bigger kids pulled/pushed him. When we played it here Mr S dragged me and my bobsled through the house in an attempt to out race the boys. My life flashed before my eyes when we passed the pantry door and I'm pretty sure my screams are the only saving grace he had in winning because the boys stopped dead to see what had happened.

Olympic Ring Toss -- we threw bean bags into containers of matching colors (ie, black into black, red into red, etc.) The bean bags have since been confiscated for Lego Men pillows. Have I shared pictures of our giant lego men? They are very awesome indeed.

Pass The Torch -- I took yellow and orange tissue paper and pushed it into an empty waxed paper tube. It became the official torch which arrived with much pomp and circumstance (and a whole lot of silliness) thanks to Mr Scarecrow. Then we all stood in a circle and passed it around in the style of Hot Potato. We also took turns lighting each other's hair on fire just for good fun. I probably should schedule a trip to the local fire department next week, all though they might still be wondering if I'm trying to set my mother-in-law's garden on fire which is a hideously long story and slightly funny you'll have to ask me about that one day..

Olympic Travel Relay Race -- we packed a couple of suitcases with a winter hait, a pair of gloves/mittens, & a winter coat. Then we had to race and put them on, run from one end of the house to the other where our teammate was, take it all off and let them run back. I'm delighted to say I won this race against my 7 year old. And, I know what your thinking.. big whoop. But when you have a displaced fat pad being able to walk is a proud moment in your day, being able to outrun your 7 year old who has chased down real live moving trains before is a feat worthy of bragging to your phsyio about.. you know, just before your physio passes out.

Ice Skating -- I wasn't permitted to play this game and thus Mr S bravely took two turns. And honestly, I'm glad he did because I nearly passed out myself from lack of air while laughing myself completely silly watching this game. Each player dons a pair of socks and then must "skate" (ie drag their feet and not completely lift both feet from the floor) to station 1 where they must spin around on one foot. They "skate" to station 2 and then sit on the floor and do a spin on their bum. Then they jump up and "skate" to station 3 where they must now jump up in the air and spin in a complete circle while doing so. Wowie, was Morgan amazingly good at that, and the posture was great too. Then you had to "skate" back to the start line.

For our closing ceremonies we shared cupcakes that the boys put "olympic rings" upon (ie M&M's in the color of the rings.. and no the M&M's were not sugar-free, the cupcakes and frosting were though so I submitted defeat on the M&M's..) Morgan also put some fractions into action and made a half batch of ice cream up to share all around. It really was a fun afternoon for all of us!


Kylie said...

Thanks for sharing Kendra. I was very intrigued when you mentioned this in an earlier post.

What a shame no one turned up, but it looks like you guys had fun anyway.

Kendra said...

We had a blast Kylie!