Sunday, August 29, 2010

Weekly Science Challenge Info

Someone asked if I knew how to find the archived, or older, science experiments that went with the Magic School Bus Weekly Science Challenge. I didn't, and it wasn't until this week when I realized they still hadn't updated their science experiment that I actually had a look around for them.

When you're on the Simple Science page with the Ralphie and Liz, yes sadly enough I know all the characters names, you can move your mouse around to explore the small lab.

See that microscope behind Ralphie? If you click on it you can go to the Lab Library. There you'll find lots of archived science experiments to have fun with! Or you could just follow the link I posted, but you know, either way it gets you there.. And, if you're interested, you can also find most of the Magic School Bus Videos up over at Sqoolquarium! They also happen to house many Bill Nye science videos too, which are often good but many of his videos can/do contain references to evolution. (Just an FYI, not all his videos contain information regarding this subject, but many do. However, we still find his videos extremely fun and informative.) 

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Deborah Rabbon said...

awesome. thanks! as always ur blog is a wealth of much appreciated helpful info.