Thursday, August 12, 2010

WaterColors In The Rain

Remember our A Gathering Of Art Projects? We finally had rain during the day and considering some of us weren't feeling that great we weren't busy with our studies either. So I pulled out some water color paper and paints and told the boys what the plan was.

I took a piece of baking paper and dropped a piece of a watercolor pancake onto the baking paper and then smashed it up with my rolling pin. I chose to do an entire paper for myself first to give the boys the general idea of what we were doing.

Once I arranged my water color powders as I wanted I let the boys pick their paint color and I mashed it up for them. I had an eager masher and when water color powder went flying everywhere I made the choice to be the official smasher. There was only a small complaint, which soon disappeared once said complainer realized he could still put the powder on his paper as desired and pick his colors.

Jayden went with the sprinkle and spread method. He also chose lots of dark colors including black. I was surprised by that because he normally goes for all blues. I think in the end he had: blue, purple, black, green, and a second shade of blue. Possibly an orange too. His is resting on top of our garbage bin. I was worried that if I put them down on the ground I wouldn't be able to pick them up without ripping the paper.

This is mine, I went for a rainbow pattern and was into the brighter spring time colors. My only pattern was putting them in neat lines. I was curious to see if they'd stay that way or if they'd swirl around and mix on their own. I used yellow, purple, orange, green, and pink. That bright yellow behind it is just our recycling bin..

Morgan really wanted to go with that swirly option, but each time he moved his paper to take it outside he had trouble keeping the swirl going so in the end he had one swirl and then just a scattering of other powder. He chose to use: 2 shades of purple, blue, yellow, orange, and possibly a pinky color.

It was barely sprinkling when we put the papers out, but within minutes it started pouring. So our colors got mixed up quite well. It was a tad tricky picking them up and not getting the paint all mixed up. I loved the way Morgan's looked after the rain effect. It made us think of a beautiful summer sunset, don't you think?

Here they all are after drying in front of the heater all day. It really took them that long to dry out. We found it interesting that each one looked different after it dried then it did beforehand. Jayden's, came out much darker then that photo portrays and Morgan's was actually considerably lighter.

I ended up tracing a large butterfly onto each paper (two actually) and cutting them out before sticking them on the wall.  Above is one of Morgan's.

Here's one of Jayden's. The photo is not blurry, that's just the effect the paint had on the paper! We found it interesting there was still white splotches on the paper in the end too.

Here's one of mine. Check out those paint swirls from the rain! The orange looks a tad golden after it all dried and mixed.

They add a nice spring time flair to our wall. We are quite impressed with how well they turned out too.

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