Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sewing Room: Snowman Quilt

Remember the Snowbound quilt blocks I shared over in the recent Craft Corner? Well, I dutifully worked on mine for about 2 days solid after posting it and this is what I ended up with. I wasn't keen on the layout of the entire quilt that came with the patterns. So I did my own thing. That snowman material is something I've had for several years. In fact, I picked it up while we were on vacation in America a couple of years ago. I was so delighted to have enough to make this quilt with! In fact, everything but the blue polka-dot material was stuff I all ready had on hand which made this not only a really fun craft, but quite inexpensive too!

I did machine stitch most of it, all though all the satin stitched noses are done by hand, as are the french-knot eyes. I did, however sew those cute little buttons on by machine. I still need to finish a few things on it up, like embroidering Wish on the blue banner the snowman on the right, with the stars above his head, is holding. The snowman in the bottom right block (red bird above his head) also needs to be holding a strand of something between his little stick hands. I didn't find the exact buttons I was after at the craft store so I opted to wait before embellishing. I can't wait to see what the newest block is, but unfortunately I have to wait an extra day because I do believe the artist is in America..

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