Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sewing Room: Aprons

My sewing room and I have been well acquainted the past few weeks. You see, giving up our schoolroom gave me a sewing/craft room. Admittedly, I do have to share it with the home office, but that's not such a bad deal because that usually means I'm not alone in there either.

The week before last I decided to whip up some new aprons. I was down to one which, honestly and truly, fits Morgan perfectly. And no, he didn't suddenly shoot up overnight. He's still one of the smallest 9 year olds around and his 7 year old brother is rarely more then a few inches shorter then him. Yeah, it was a pathetically small apron.

After digging through my material stash I found I had enough different pieces to make four lined aprons. I'm always on the look out for a good apron. Which, to me, means long enough to cover my very long legs, and wide enough to wrap around me because seriously I manage to make a great lot of spills in the kitchen. Not to mention my mixer is on the fritz and there is nothing like lifting it up and then suddenly being covered in batter. I'm also usually pretty floury when I get done making bread so I really wanted something that was going to fully cover my clothing.

I ended up pulling out my new haircutting apron... I know, kinda weird, I bought one for cutting hair but not for cooking, but really it all makes since if you hear me out on that theory. You see, my skin can't stand having hair touch it. It will completely freak out. A normal cloth apron isn't great for hair cutting because the hair gets stuck in the weave of the fabric. So I forked out for a water proof hair cutting apron and now my skin can stop freaking out. Anyway, I pulled out the haircutting apron and used it as my pattern for the body of the apron.

The waist and neck ties were all done free-style. I'm considering making myself a pattern for the entire thing, you know, for when I completely wear them out and the hair cutting apron.. The ties are incredibly long too which is nice because the kids can wear the aprons if need be. Which really, there shouldn't be a need. I made them chef aprons and hats a few years ago and I made them plenty long enough so they'd last a while.

The back is lined with white muslin. I usually have stacks of that on hand, which was the case this time around too. All though, the material was suppose to be for a photo background. Yes, really. Mr Scarecrow buys huge chunks of it and has me dye them various colors and then we hang them up for photo backgrounds. Mr Scarecrow is quite a talented fellow! Once I had both pieces of material cut out for my apron I simply sewed them, wrong sides, together. You'll need to make your neck and waist ties first so you can pin them into place and then sew the whole thing up.

I left a six-inch, or so, gap at the bottom to turn the whole thing right side out and then did a top stitch. As you can see in the above picture I didn't clip all my threads very well either, but it hasn't hampered the use of the aprons any. Yep, I was pretty glad to be wearing that wonderful red polka dot one (yes, that's the same material from my niece's quilt, which still needs to be backed and mailed to her!) when I managed to spill cocoa all over the kitchen while attempting to make the kids chocolate. Cooking and migraines aren't always a good combination! Morgan hopes I'll wear the white apron with cupcakes all over it for the next party we have because he reckons it'd be pretty good for that...


Cherish said...

Oh my gosh, those are fantastic. Are they just a solid piece for the body, and then neck and waist ties?

Kendra said...

Yes, just one solid piece plus the neck and waist ties. :)