Monday, August 16, 2010

School Plans: The Rag Coat

This week we're starting on a the book The Rag Coat. This is the second mountain book out of at least three that we'll be studying in a row. The idea wasn't entirely intentional, but the beautify of homeschooling is that changing our plans, even at the last minute, is perfectly fine. We haven't quite parted ways with Heidi yet, all though we're nearly done, so we'll also be continuing our journey there with the hopes of wrapping that up this week so when our new read aloud, Appalachia: The Voices Of Singing Birds, arrives we'll be ready to begin with it. We also have a few things from Amber that we didn't finish, but because they relate to mountains it will fit in just as well with our new story as it will with Amber.

We'll also be reading: Building a RoadLet's Try It Out in the air, Habitats of the World Mountains, The World's Top Ten Mountain Ranges, & First Start Mountains  (not pictured.)  We'll also be looking at the Appalachian mountains via the maps and computer.

We'll also be using our new Rag Coat File Folder Book which is full of all sorts of fun stuff and some great links for extra coal research. There's also a fun pocket for the vocabulary cards you can pick up for free over at Homeschool Share. Because this book touches on coal we'll be studying coal from an Australian perspective. We'll also be doing a fun mining lesson using chocolate chip cookies. I'm pretty sure the boys will love doing this math lesson, but keeping them out of the cookies until the lesson is over might be a small struggle!

We'll be continuing on in math with our Multiplication fun and a fun new hands on way to use Bunches & Bunches Of Bunnies. We'll also be enjoying some other fun math games like Sum It Up!Joey-JoeyPiggy Bank Math Game, Digit Place, and a few news one from our Box Car & One Eyed Jack books.

Lastly, we'll be doing the weekly Magic School Bus challenge this week. We'll also be working on an experiment or two in the Ultimate Bubble Book, weather permitting. We picked this book up used from Homeschool Library Builder a while back and now that the weather is warming up I'm more then certain two little boys will enjoy the soapy fun!

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