Monday, August 2, 2010

Amber On The Mountain

Our books arrived on Friday so we're gearing up for a weeks worth of fun learning about mountains, Switzerland, patience, and perseverance with Amber & Heidi. We're looking forward to a fun week ahead with Amber On The Mountain.

In both Amber on the Mountain & Heidi both young girls learn to read, despite feeling it's a very difficult task. In fact, as I recall Heidi opts to give up somewhere along the line convinced she can't do it until Grandma tells her differently. As for Amber, she refuses to give up and not only learns to read, but eventually teaches herself how to write. I'm really looking forward to sharing these books with the boys, especially one in particular who feels he's not such a good reader.
We'll also be reading: Building a Road, Let's Try It Out in the air, Habitats of the World Mountains, The World's Top Ten Mountain Ranges, & First Start Mountains (not pictured) for science this week. Each of these mountains books covers something of importance in regards to our main story. Ie, curvy roads, less oxygen the higher you go, etc.

We also found these fun books at our library which go well with our story: Rumplestiltskin (the pictures in the copy we have are amazing), The Day Of Ahmed's Secret, & Owen And The Mountain.

We will, of course, be using the Amber On The Mountain Lapbook we made up too.  Which is full of all sorts of fun stuff. Because we're choosing the location of Switzerland we'll also be learning about the Alps. I'm also feeling like Fondu might be on the menu this week, we'll have to see about that one though!

For math this week we'll be playing:

We'll also be making an official jump into multiplication with the book Bunches & Bunches of Bunnies. Morgan actually knows how to multiply he's just unaware that he does because up until now we've mostly been addressing it as "Groups of". He's one of those people who really needs to build up his awareness and confidence, so I've spent the past few months teaching him multiplication on the sly. Kaching has been a huge help in this area and I suspect it will make an appearance at the math table this week too.  The boys will also be putting some fractions into action by making granola bars and banana bars this week.


Angie Tester said...

Hi Kendra,

This is more of a comment on the math content of this page, however, when we read Amber on the Mountain a long time ago, we loved it! Very moving story. Will have to try and find it again.

Would love to hear more about how you incorporate fun and gentle maths games into your daily homeschooling. Sounds like your boys have a great time with an experienced mum. You were homeschooled yourself is that right?

All the best

Andrea said...

Thanks Kendra- I was just searching for stuff to help us with Amber on the Mountain- and your lapbook is PERFECT!! Thanks for sharing!