Sunday, August 22, 2010

Nature Studies & More

CurrClick is having their annual back to school sale, which means lots of books are on special over there. I was delighted to find a few at an amazingly low price and I snagged them up.  We'll be using most of them in the warmer months for nature study and outdoor schooling. We love taking our studies outside when we can, so long as we can keep the majority of the flies at bay, so having studies that actually demand we be outside will be heaps of fun!

As winter makes it's slow departure we're all ready dreaming of summer and the fun ahead. Last summer we spent most of it learning about the ocean and being down in the ocean. So when I spotted the fun books by Simple Schooling & Homeschool Bits I knew they'd be great for our recurring summer ocean studies. I picked up Weedy Sea Dragons & Leafy Sea Dragons as a bundle for $1.00. Jayden has always had a huge fascination with whales and dolphins, so at .50 for the All Whales Study I knew he'd enjoy that this summer. I think his favorite part will be the amazing whale mobile craft that's included! He's on a big crafting streak right now, but he likes to be able to do them "without help." 

Whole Word Publishing puts out these fun little mini books. They are absolutely loaded with information about the subjects they cover, and they also come with bits and pieces for lapbooks. We had heaps of fun with the ice cream study mini book we did; in fact my kids are still desperate for me to make them banana splits.. So when I saw the Strawberries, Honey Bees, and Ladybug books on sale from .50 - $1.50 each I decided they'd make great summer (or spring) Nature Studies. Now, if I could only get a few ladybirds to come live permanently in my garden..

I also snagged a unit study on Reptiles. A year or so ago we did a study on mammals, studying a new one each week and making a fun poster to help us decide if each animal had the correct characteristics to be considered a mammal. I've been debating moving on to reptiles or amphibians, and when this fun reptile study popped up the choice was made. At .79 you can't really complain now can you! When we join Mr S's family on our annual camping trip to the middle of no-where we always spot a lot of owls on the way down (if you travel at night.) Which means we enjoy reading Owl Moon each year before heading down, so for .50 I figured the boys might enjoy digging in a bit more with this owl study. I also picked up the fun Frog Study as we'll be learning about frogs this summer too (or so we hope.)

Lastly, I think, I picked up the My Body book which has been on my wish list for ages. Jayden is completely infatuated with how the human body works. The idea with this book is that you trace your child onto a large piece of paper and then as you learn about the body they color organs, muscles, bones, etc and place them in their paper body where they belong. The only downside is our local shops are suddenly out of large rolls of paper, which means Jayden is impatiently waiting for me to find a very large piece we can trace his body onto.  Knights & Armour was also purchased with Jayden in mind. He loves knights and castles and we'll be rowing The Duchess Bakes A Cake towards the end of our year and then spending a week (or two) having fun with knights and castles. The All About Clouds book will make another fun Nature Study, but Morgan has taken on a great fascination with the weather and wants to make a weather station with Mr S. I thought this cloud book might come in handy for helping them learn to predict the weather.


Jess said...

If you drive through Chudleigh on your way to Arm River, it is worth stopping at the Honey Farm for a look. It would go with the Bee Unit very well! We live in Mole Creek and finally got around to going the other week with some visitors. The honey products are amazing and the kids got to see a glass walled hive

Kendra said...

Jess we adore the Honey Farm! We've been out a few times and I've even inquired about their ice cream which is sweetened only with honey! The homeschoolers did a trip out there last year and we showed up a week late! LOL