Monday, August 23, 2010


I live for cherry season! Really, I do. I'm a greedy cherry eater and I can't get enough of them. Mr S once lamented at Christmas Dinner that he woke up one morning that summer to find me at the table with a pile of cherry pips on one side and a bowl of cherries on the other.

It's true. He did. I even went out and bought a cherry pitter where you stick your big huge rolly polly cherry on and squeeze it shut and out pops the pip. My kids love using it, and it's great for sticking cherries in your fruit salad, or in your mouth, or ice cream, or in your mouth, or on top of a cake, or in your mouth, or...

So a couple of weeks ago, when I spotted big juicy plump cherries in the shop I got excited. The thing is, we live really close to two amazing cherry farms that produce the biggest cherries I've ever seen. And if their size wasn't enough to leave me in awe the flavor was! When we see cherries in the supermarket the excitement is usually knowing that we're getting closer to spring and the oncoming cherry season.

However, I decided to pick up a few, and only a few. The ones in the supermarket just aren't as big and sweet, normally, as the ones we can get around the corner. Needless to say, the ones at the shop were amazing and there was a small squabble over who'd get the last few after tea that night. Mr S lucked out and got them in his lunch pail, all though as I recall he was home with a tummy bug so Jayden and I shared them instead..

I've gotten some funny looks and comments for the price I'm willing to pay for cherries, and in all honesty I probably am willing to pay a bit more then the locals. The thing is, where we lived in America cherries were $19.95 a pound. That's half a kilo (or just under.. roughly 495 grams or something like that) and when I see the cherries in the shop here for $13 a kilo (that's 2 pounds 2 ounces) I feel like I'm getting a huge deal!  However, when I can buy boxes of cherries (5 kilo; 10 lb 10 oz) at the local cherry shed we frequent all summer long for $19.00 I feel like they are practically giving away the cherries!  We are so ready for cherry season here!

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