Saturday, August 14, 2010

Carrying Math Game

We learn just about every math concept around here by playing a game and/or reading a book. It dawned on me as we were about to venture off into multiplication that while I'd mentioned carrying and borrowing to Morgan I'd never fully covered it. Rather then freak him out and throw both at him at once I pulled out my beloved Box Cars & One Eyed Jack books and found games for both topics. Have I mentioned how much I love those books?!

So the game for teaching borrowing is called Sum It Up, which I'm pretty sure I mentioned before. The idea is to have the biggest number when you're done. Another neat thing about the BCOEJ books is that they also have premade gameboards/papers in the back of the books, unfortunately I usually find a need to remake them.

In this instance the game board for Sum It Up didn't leave enough room to write your answers, which sorta defeated the purpose of the game. It took me about 5 minutes to make the change on our own paper and then Morgan stopped freaking out. He really prefers his numbers to be in neat lines.

To figure out what your number will be you take turns picking a card from a deck of math cards. We used numbers from 0-9. I'm not sure if the rules said to use 0 or leave it out, but we felt it gave us a bit of fun to keep that 0 card in there. Plus, it's fun to let the boys help decide some of the rules, and Morgan really wanted those 0 cards to be used. So we did.

You write your numbers in any of the top 9 boxes you want. Then once all 9 boxes are filled in you work on figuring out your sum. It took 1 day of playing this game for him to catch on to how simple carrying was. A week later I handed him a math paper and he cleared the problems with no trouble. I'm always blown away by how quickly they pick it up when we approach math like this.

Because he now understands how to borrow and can do it without reminding I keep one of these game papers handy on my clipboard and we play a simple round or two. Meaning we may only do one of the sums. Then I record what we played on our Game Log Sheet and then I record what topics the game covered.

The Game Log for Sum It Up would look like this:

After that we only play the game a couple of times a week and eventually move it to every other week or once a month. All though on Fridays I often let the boys pick whatever math games they want for us to play. This might mean we play one or two games, and then there's some Fridays when we play just about every math game they can think of! You can find the board game here

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