Friday, August 6, 2010

Birthday Quilt

I had hoped to make each member of my family a quilt before we left America, but there was far too many other things to do and not nearly enough time for quilting. I mean, it's not every day you pack up or sell everything you own and move as far around the world as you can go before you start going back, right?

I've still been trying to make good on that original thought, and thus slowly, but surely, family members have been getting quilts through the mail. Mind you, I've had a few detours like making Morgan's pirate bear quilt and Jayden's train quilt (which still needs to be backed and actually quilted) but the point remains I have been working on the situation.

A year ago, I think it was, I started working on the quilt pictures on the left. My sister happens to own her own Karate Dojo and she happens to enjoy certain Asianed themed things. So when I saw the simplistic pattern for these little Asian people via Fat Cat Patterns I knew I'd make it for her.

I was actually on a great roll last year and was convinced we'd have it done and in the mail for her birthday, but that didn't happen because I ran into a snag with some material I was using. Someone, the verdict is still out on the guilty party, used a large chunk of a green fat quarter I had set aside and thus when I went to grab it I didn't have enough!

I know that doesn't sound like such a tragic event, but the idea was that two blocks match and are the reverse of each other. So in the above picture the little kimono is made from a burgundy material and has a green background; it's matching block will have a burgundy background and green kimono. And no, that's not the green piece someone inadvertently used up on me either.

Ironically I decided to back it with a chunk of floral material that was originally intended for my niece's quilt, and now it's on her mother's quilt. Perhaps it was the million times I managed to prick my finger because I couldn't find a thimble anywhere, including the local shop, but that made me smile. If that's not enough family togetherness for you, that binding is made from the leftover material from Morgan's Harry Potter cape we made at Christmas time. (Yeah, I know, some of you are still waiting on a pattern for that one.. My kids are still awaiting Jedi capes from that pattern too!)

The sun behind that quilt is giving a bit of a golden effect when it's not really that golden"y". The offending quilt squares the held this quilt up for so long happen to be the matching boy and girl on the far right. You can't tell in the photo, but the girl in the bottom right corner is actually spotting a green background that matches the kimono of the boy above her. 12 months, and a half million stores later I finally settled for the closest thing I could find that matched!

And there you have it in it's entirety! Happy {only slightly} Birthday Sis, we hope you had a lovely day, and just think you didn't have to put up with us and our horrific quartet of singing.. You might have to suffer tomorrow though, depending on how long we're held up on the soccer fields. Hopefully you'll have this by the end of next week and enjoy it throughly. But, if it should annoy you enough that you choose to dismantle it in anyway, please start with the bottom right hand square. After all it did give me enough grief it might deserve a poke or two of it's own!

Notes:  You can get the pattern here for the applique. There is no pattern for the actual quilt. I cut my blocks down smaller then the suggested size on the pattern. The black strips separating each block were 2-inches wide, as was the binding. I did not use all the patterns available for the kimonos, I simply used pattern #1.

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KeishaMama said...

ohhhh it's absolutely gorgeous! I have the blanket you made for Thor stored away. You do fantastic work!