Tuesday, August 24, 2010

12 Reasons For Spring

12 Reasons We Can't Wait For Spring

1. Strawberries -- we've all ready got some blossoms on our plants, and we can't wait to plant a few more to increase our crop this year.

2. Flowers Everywhere -- I can't wait to see the garden in bloom again. It's looking a little plain out there with it's monotone style coloring.

3. Pumpkins -- Morgan's dying to plant his orange pumpkin seeds and considering if he'll be able to grow enough to sell at the end of the drive come this fall.

4. Watermelon -- Jayden's just as eager to get his watermelon seeds started. He has no intention of selling it, but of eating every last melon he's lucky enough to grow! I'm just hoping he'll share with me..

5. Fresh Lettuce -- our lettuce bed looks a little pathetic right now, and we can't wait to get some fresh heads growing. Lettuce straight from the garden is oh so tasty!

6. Sun Ripened Tomatoes -- our tomatoes always seem to do well, but they rarely make it inside. The boys tend to eat them straight off the vine and they can't wait to plant this years crop. I'm considering hiding a few plants around the garden so I will actually have enough for fresh salsa and tomato sandwiches!

7. Chicks -- is there anything sweeter then seeing all the fledgling birds each spring? We've all ready spotted lots of lapwing chicks! In fact, poor Jayden was attacked by a pair of them at the park the other day when he was playing hide and seek with Morgan. He only escaped without being pecked raw by turning tail and running for his life!

8. Open Windows -- I'm really missing having the windows wide open so we can enjoy as much fresh air as we want. It won't be long now before we can open them up for a little bit each day again!

9. Grapes -- oh how we miss our grapes! It's only been a couple of months since they were gracing the shelves in the shop, but it feels like it's been much longer! Green or red, we're not too terribly picky just so long as we can have some fresh grapes again!

10. Nectarines -- I can't wait for nectarines to be available again either, they are so tasty on your porridge in the morning, or for lunch, or dinner.. In fact, they're just plain tasty! 

11. More Sunshine -- the days are slowly growing longer again and we're enjoying ever minute of it we can, but we can't wait for those sunny evenings that mean summer is coming ever closer!

12. Dry Laundry -- it'll be so nice when our laundry can dry in one day instead of two! It's nearly there, and I really can't wait to start hanging the laundry on the line out back instead of under cover of decks and roofs. 

We've begun the official countdown here, only 9 more days to go!


Renelle said...

The last week and a half I have noticed all the trees and flowers showing buds of new growth and there's a slight warmness in the days that we haven't had for a couple of months. Should be a glorious Spring after all the winter rain. I love Spring.

Basia said...

We saw our first butterfly and ladybug in the garden yesterday. We are all counting down till it's Spring!

Anonymous said...

I totally love your whole blog and your family seems like such a fun group. I notice how you love to read with the boys..I wanted to share a few books with you that I believe you and the boys will love. First, is the Hank the Cowdog series. I thought they were ging to be boring, but they are some of the funest books we have read..and we read a lot!!!!!!!! Also love the Jigsaw Jones series..early chapter books with some mystery..same with the Cam Jansen series. Please keep doing your blog.. I am learning so much from it. Leena