Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wonderfully Surprised

You'll have to indulge me while I tell a story.. Friday started out like a semi normal day. The early morning rush to get people to stop playing and have breakfast and put on something besides inside out pj's so we could run Mr Scarecrow down to the ferry. He takes the local ferry across the river into town, which, I can assure you, sounds way more grand then it really is. I managed to start a batch of bread mixing in my breadmaker before I rushed out.

Now, this isn't the whole wheat bread recipe I've posted, but another recipe. It makes two loaves and is slightly heavy for my breadmaker, but it saves my arms from falling off while I knead it so I ask the breadmaker to be patient long enough to get it good and mixed up for me.

When we came back from the ferry I pulled the bread out of my breadmaker and discovered my hand was covered in gray ick. I did not, I assure you, put anything grey and icky in my bread recipe. I flip over my bread pan and part of the seal that keeps the thing together pops off. I can't complain, Mr Scarecrow bought it for me as soon as we settled into our own home here 3.5 years ago. Still, I was slightly offended my bread pan broke, but worse yet I started to laugh. I laughed long enough my kids came in the kitchen looking for something REALLY funny and were sad to see it was just a broken bread pan.

You see, my mother-in-law, also has a breadmaker. Her bread pan also broke, and that broken bread pan rolled around my car for far too long before I managed to get it into the shop. That very Monday I'd dropped it off! So to find myself in the same predicament just made me laugh. Then, finding my entire situation so funny I called Mr Scarecrow at the office and informed him of the situation. He, poor man, did not find it at all funny.

To soothe the situation over I said not to worry I could always make bread by hand until we sorted the pan out. Then, while still chatting at him I went to set a load of laundry to rinse. I do that sometimes. I set a load of laundry to the rinse cycle and let it rinse out with a cup of vinegar in it. Only my silly washer knob wouldn't engage when I turned it. That funny phone call to Mr Scarecrow wasn't taken as well as it had meant to be.

After hanging up I ran upstairs and located the receipt to our washer. Yes, I'm a bit of a file freak and I save all the receipts, manuals, and paperwork that comes with anything we buy. Thankfully I'd cleaned the file box out recently and locating what I was after was super easy. Because the phone upstairs was missing in action I had to go back downstairs to call the washer company. The lady was all set up to send me a repair man when she informs me they don't work on my side of the river.

I had to call someone else who did work on my side and they were very pleasant people and said not to worry if I needed to run to the ferry before their arrival they'd wait for me. When I'm done with all of that I sit down and decide I'll work on one row of my current crochet project only to see the poor mailman laboring to get up our driveway.

People really do complain a lot about out driveway which is straight uphill, but because we're use to it we don't notice it being a huge effort. I was honestly mystified as to what he could be bringing me because all of our books had arrived. So when he handed me a brown box over the fence and we gave our normal "hello, good-bye, see you soon" type greeting I peeked at the address labels on it.

A sweet friend mailed us a fun, and completely unexpected package, filled with goodies for all. Unfortunately I only managed to snag a photo of my adorable little snowmen (you do know I have a snowman fetish right?) because the guys were too busy using theirs. So, despite it being a very delayed but extremely grateful, Thank you Ruthanne! It was such a wonderful surprise!


Ruthanne said...

You are so VERY welcome! I've been checking, OK HOUNDING the boards, email, Facebook ,etc. wondering if it arrived. I Just now today, 7/14 6:00 pm (EST or is it EDT, I can NEVER remember) and see something vaguely familiar. So glad you enjoyed them!!!


ps: did you see the customs card? I labeled it "Educational material" because all of life is educational, right :)

Kendra said...

I did see the customs card! I thought that was quite clever! lol