Saturday, July 10, 2010

What's On The Book Shelf

 The Backyard Homestead -- This book is so awesome I refused to tell Mr Scarecrow what I was reading until I warned him fully that I he wouldn't like it. It's chocked full of awesome ideas for using the land you have and helping you become self sufficient. Or, at the very least, to make the most of what you have. I think Mr Scarecrow might be worried he'll come home to a front yard full of wheat, and a few chickens out the back.

 Archer's Quest -- Morgan is really smitten with South Korea since the winter olympics. So while scanning the library shelves this week for a great read aloud, this one caught my eye. Of course, the book by Ms. Park that I'd really love to lay my hands on was absent, but I this one looks very promising. We've really enjoyed all the Linda Sue Park books we've encountered thus far.

Grace Based Parenting -- I was thumbing through this book recently during a sale Koorong had, and am eager to read all the way through it. We'll see if it's as good as it looked to be.

Made From Scratch -- another book I spotted and my library happens to have deep in it's recesses. However, I'm still waiting for it to arrive. So I can't say too much about this one either. Which, I suppose, technically means it's not on my "book shelf", but I thought I'd mention it all the same.

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Diane said...

Love The Backyard Homestead. We are getting chickens in a couple of weeks. I think I was partly inspired by that book.