Thursday, July 1, 2010


Amongst my Bento craze I stumbled upon some StarWars Cookie Cutters. Not that I'd go to any great lengths to ice them, but they look pretty great without icing too! My boys would go nutters! They may have a small addiction for StarWars. (Wait until you see the Christmas present we've currently tucked away for them...)  I'm pretty sure these would top off their StarWar Movie Days quite well, which meant that I did a google search for them and found that Williams & Sonoma carry them. We'll have to keep our eyes open and see if we can find them a tad more locally, or at least through someone who will ship them to us.  Best part was, while searching for the cookie cutters, I noticed they also have a set of pancake molds too! As if our life wasn't full enough of heavy breathing, light sabers, and the way of jedis. Okay, really I'm not into StarWars, I swear, I'm really not!

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Michele said...

I have been eyeing these for a couple of months now! My boys would love them.