Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Silly Boys

This is what happens when your nearest cousins are girls and pass down their fun gymnastic outfits to you. This is what happens to you when your big brother says, "Com and watch my movie, it's in 3D!" This is what happens to you when you sleep in so late your parents pull you out of bed to rush down to the ferry before it leaves for the morning.  

Yep, he's sporting Lighting McQueen pj bottoms under a girls gymnastic leotard, and the best part? He wasn't at all embarrassed by the entire ensemble. Mostly put out and appalled that girls where the leotard bit all on it's own because.. "This weird thing keeps giving me a wedgie!" If you think that outfits good, you should see what I have to take him grocery shopping in. I've honestly had people stop me and says, "Look at the bright side, you won't lose him in that outfit!" 

Blankie, as he's lovingly known around these parts, was also forced to sport some mega cool glasses, left over from our Toy Story 3 excursion, in order to watch Morgan's movie. That poor blankie has been in the family for 7.5 years and it's holding on by a few threads, literally. That funky grey binding use to be a vivid and beautiful yellow. Tigger was truly orange once, and the blanket itself was a nice aqua color. It's been loved, trampled, misplaced, left behind, forgotten, eaten, gagged on, and run over. Bet you'll never guess who's it is though..


Stephanie said...

This post made me giggle this morning. That picture of your ds in the leotard is hilarious!

Love your blog! Your family is just lovely.

Michele said...

That is so funny! ;-)

Tracey said...

That is very funny!