Tuesday, July 27, 2010

School Supplies

The brown bag on the shelf in this post holds most of our everyday school supplies. I picked up the little tote at Hobby Lobby with a 40% off coupon when I was in America a couple of years ago. The tote can hold an unbelievable amount of stuff and fits into most small spaces quiet easily. Plus, it's super easy to take school on the road, outside, in the tent, upstairs.. you are getting the point right? All I have to do is say, "Grab the school basket!"

The tote, or basket as we call it, is loaded with pockets and spaces to hold just about anything under the sun. It is actually a scrapbooking storage tote, but we prefer to use it for our school supplies. Here's a look at what's inside of it.

Scissors, glue sticks, and hole punches are kept on the lefthand side. As you can see by the empty pocket we're missing a pair of scissors. I'm pretty sure they are my pink cutter bee scissors too which are great for when you make small minit books for the lapbooks. We normally have 2-3 glue sticks in there as well, but we're in need of restocking.

This is the side we dub the front. It has the two pink flap pockets, the two wider pockets where you can see object stuffed into them, and then the long pocket on top which can also hold ample supplies.

Those pockets hold: Blu-Tack, a true staple around here. We use it for everything. Paper booklets that go with our reading program, it's all most time to file those away. The clock Bingo Game (that's what's inside that green file folder booklet.) A large purple eraser (most pencils don't come with an eraser here and most of the ones that do rip your paper instead of erasing it), white out tape, post it tags, and mini brass tabs for our lapbooks.

This picture is a little blurry which is what happens when you're in a rush and snap photos. Anyway, the large section of this basket is broken down into three larger pockets. This is the front right pocket.

Two packs of twistable crayons, one neon one regular colors. New Testament Story Cards, the boys love those things. We use them on our timeline as we've been working our way through the NT. Regular scotch/cello tape. Double stick tape, Super Math Bear's stamp supplies, a small pink Bible related stamp, and then the Presstic stamp. Ignore the little images on it that say what it can do, total fib there! We bought it ages ago for the checkmark on it and the silly thing isn't in there. In fact half those images aren't on the stamp pad which made us wonder who mismarked that stamp..

This is the pocket directly behind the previous one I showed you. And yes, you do spy pencils with erasers on their ends, I had to buy them through Koorong and they are the first packet of pencils with erasers that actually ERASE instead of RIP the paper. We were so thrilled that when Koorong had a special on last month I picked up two more packages of them. They don't come cheap though..

This is basically our whiteboard pocket. We have Crayola Whiteboard markers in the cup. They are the only whiteboard markers I can tolerate as they have a low odor to them, the rest will give me a near instant migraine. Unfortunately, on days when I'm weak even those low odor ones can send me over the edge. So, while at Kmart recently I spotted the whiteboard crayons and picked up a package of them! We also have our special school pencils from Koorong. The froggie one was a gift from cousins for one of the boys. We have a lizard one like it around here somewhere too.

This is the right hand side pockets. They hold our stickers. We use to have some more, Wiggles, Bob the Builder, & Thomas merit stickers too, but the basket had a slight accident. Or rather a child was setting up a "store" for Mommy & Daddy to come play at and he put a wonderfully delicious strawberry smoothie on the book case and then proceeded to climb up and over the counter thus spilling the smoothie all over the school supply bag. That was fun to clean up.. yeah.. Maybe not. We also have the reinforcement stickers in there which are used more on Jayden's footie calendar then anything else.

This is the biggest pocket on the inside. It's half the bag, so it holds the majority of our phonics and spelling supplies as well as smaller math supplies. It's suppose to hold the stapler too, but that was being used when pictures were taken.

Here's what we stuff inside this pocket. The three round containers in the back hold pieces to phonics games. Jayden's workbox holds the calling cards, but I keep the smaller pieces here so we don't have any mishaps with them. The blue Diego drawstring bag holds playing pieces, various dice and and bits and bobs for playing math games with. Two over sized dice which we picked up for free at Agfest two years ago. A ruler, metric for the record. Uno cards, a mini deck of math cards, and two unopened decks of waterproof playing cards. We use lots of cards during math time. There's also a Where In The World is Carmen SanDiego cd-rom, and three timeline cds. There's World & Us, Bible Timeline, and Bible Story all from Hold That Thought.

Then there's the back of the bag. Which has a couple of zip pockets. I didn't pull the contents out for an upclose photo. They are some free Piggie Counting By 5 cards I printed and laminated ages ago. We use them for making a giant clock on the floor, learning to count by 5's, number practice, etc. There's also some other number cards in there that we used when the boys were learning to count. Sadly, the back pockets contents are hardly used anymore now that those skills are learned. It might be time to empty it out and restock it with something else.. Like tissues or rubber bands, which are always in high demand during school hours..


Renelle said...

The Tote of wonder! I was only thinking today about finding a hard carry tote so I can just pick everything up to go wherever we are. My ds is always searching for black textas and sticky tape.

Heather said...

I have a tote like that for scrapbooking tools. it does hold a ton of stuff!

Might have to think on that one...

Twisted Cinderella said...

I LOVE that tote!

And this post reminded me I need to get some blue sticky tac and some glue sticks!