Thursday, July 1, 2010

Revolutionary War Wrap-Up

This week we finished off our Revolutionary War study, Wednesday to be exact! We've had an extraordinarily fun time, but we're equally grateful to be heading into our two week break.  This past week we finished off our lapbook, played a couple of fun games, and rounded off the last of any outstanding projects. Unfortunately one of our books is still MIA so we have one outstanding booklet in our lapbook, which funnily enough, looks exactly like the front cover.

That would be George Washington & King George III facing off. While we read a little bit of information on both of these men, we're eager for the book entitled George vs George to show up so we can see the way their lives compared on a closer level.

As for our lapbook, it's quite large! Eight pages to be exact, all though we did save one for some photos of items that didn't fit in our lapbook or our notebook. Like the Jamestown Replica they made back at the beginning our studies. We're also gearing up for a family gathering on the 4th so the boys can share what they've learned and of course light up some sparklers!

Page one has our Intolerable Acts booklet (it's inside that pocket which looks terrible with red on red), Paul Revere booklet (you can actually use a little tab to make Paul look like he and his horse are galloping along;  Page Two has a comparison booklet of the First & Second meeting of the Continental Congress; Description of various soldiers from the war; & a map that tracks a few key points (we still need to tape the piece on top that shows the routes!)

Here's a close-up of our Paul Revere booklet. I'm not sure you can tell, but it's a pop-up booklet. The two minutemen in the front actually pop off the page, and Paul and his horse have a small tab to move side to side in order to make it appear as though they are still galloping. I'm afraid the child who colored this is currently hung up on the color purple, I mean why else would Paul be riding on a purple house in a purple city? 

Pages Three & Four have various men we met in our studies. Throughout out entire study we encountered "Someone Worth Knowing" and these little booklets have tidbits about the men we met. There, were of course, some pretty well known information about each of these people, but then we also learned some information that really amazed us. Especially for good old John Hancock. My boys are still in amazement that the man thought so highly of himself he threw a parade in his honour for his arrival back in his own home city. 

Page 5 has: The Hand Of God In History, a booklet where we recorded two specific battles George Washington was in where his life was spared in some amazing ways. His faith was amazing, and so was God's constant mercy on him; Facts About The Liberty Bell (another pop-up booklet); comparison booklet between a Monarchy & a Republic; George Vs George (we've colored it, but not written in it); Tea Booklet; Common Sense.  Page 6 houses the many little scrolls we made (Declaration of Independence, Mayflower Compact, Bill of Rights, etc.); Whig vs Tory comparison booklet; Women of War. 

Here's all the women, we had fun coloring them while we discussed what we'd learned. Then the boys told me something about each lady and I wrote it on the back of her. They are smitten with Ms. Molly Pitcher, but not because of heroic acts on the battlefield as much as the tiny little fact that we heard.. It turns out Molly was stepping over a musketball on the battlefield when a cannonball whizzed through her legs and burnt her petticoat. Once they realized exactly what a petticoat was they roared with laughter and recount the story daily.  For the record, she apparently received no bodily harm from the cannonball...

This is page Eight, seven isn't shown because we haven't put our photos in yet. This is a diorama of Valley Forge. We opted to store it in our lapbook instead of making it a standalone project as was suggested in the manual. Again, we all pitched in with the coloring and then I cut the intricate stuff out and the boys glued it all into place. Funny story here though.. George Washington is the man kneeing in prayer beside his horse. I said, "Oh, this is an interesting color for George's boots guys!" and Morgan said, "What?! I didn't know that was George Washington! I would have colored him so much better, I just thought he was a regular old soldier!" He was completely mortified that he'd colored Mr Washington in abnormal colors. I don't know if you can see it in the photo or not, but George & his horse, the solider in the very front, the scroll sign, the solider loading his gun, and the two soldiers by the fire are all popping off the page! 

Here's the game I shared earlier this week. We colored it up that evening before challenging Daddy to a round. There are a lot of little pieces to be contained (stored) with this game, not to mention the question cards. So in order to make sure we don't lose anything I cut a business size envelope down to roughly two-thirds it's normal size and taped the now cut end closed. I then glued that to the back of this file folder and used half a velcro circle to hold it closed. Works well for us!

That wraps us up for our study! We still have a flag project we'd like to work on. Unfortunately we couldn't do the one in the manual so we're opting to paint a large oblong canvas into an older American flag. We'll share a photo when we're done with it.. I also have a third Revolutionary War game to play with the boys, and we'll share info about that one in another post!


Tracey said...

It all looks fabulous! As usual! You guys really go into it. I cannot remember if you said but how long did you work on this?

Kendra said...

We started with Paul Revere from FIAR and did that for one week. Then we did the HSITW for 4 weeks. It should have been 5, but the 5th week is planning a party, assembling the lapbook and two lessons. We crammed the two lessons into other days so we could wrap up by the 4th of July. ;)

Seriously though, the HSITW stuff gives you Friday off so you can catch up on any missed projects (some days have a LOT some don't) I loved the 4 day week with only a small touch of school on Friday. It was fantastic and awesome for the days we had appointments and didn't get all our projects done.

Amy Pak said...

I'm so glad to have stumbled across your blog! It always makes me smile to hear of families that have enjoyed our studies! May God richly bless your family and homeschool!

Kendra said...

Aww thank you Amy! We've actually used the Rev. War cd 2x & all the rest of the cds 1x. They really made my son's fall in love with history! :)