Thursday, July 22, 2010

New Workboxes

A while back I mentioned that we were still using workboxes but had come up with our own version. I've finally taken the time to snap a few photos and share them with you. Those two baskets on the bottom shelf there, the ones that match my nifty file box, those are the boys new workboxes. We swapped because we downsized our schoolroom. Okay, so we actually eliminated the thing! It seems that no matter how often we have a room designated for learning purposes we always end up back at the kitchen table, sprawled on the couch, or out on the deck. In fact, we've even done our school in the tent we had set up during the summer. However, our dinning area just wasn't big enough for two full sets of workboxes so we decided to try something slightly different and see how it worked. So far so good.

Here's the basic contents of Jayden's box each week. There's a lapbook, unless it's too big then we store it in the file box, Deigo notebook, crayons, phonics games, & pencil bag. The pencil bag has an odd assortment of things, mostly art related in it.

The second blue file you see in this picture is what holds his printables for the week. He may find math papers, crosswords, spelling words, handwriting papers, etc. inside of it. It keeps the papers neater by having the file folder in there, but I do often have to remind them to straighten up their baskets. It's currently neat because I was getting it ready for school next week.

Morgan's box is still home to some of his off week learning, but in general this is what you'll find in his: Lapbook, crayons (yes he drew a giant M on his box, and I tried to snatch them but he insisted my box would have really had a K on it..) an abacus (each of the boys has their own and uses them quite frequently during math classes. I'd really love to get a large one.) pencil bag (no he's not a Hawks fan, but neither were his cousins who had a membership and received free goodies, and since he couldn't score a Cats bag..) Morgan often has extra books stored in his, be it one he's currently reading or something fun he found at the library. Currently all his books are soccer related because he's working on a World Cup lapbook.

It all fits neatly in his basket too! The purple file folder in the back is what holds his printables for each week. Morgan's usually a bit better at keeping his basket neater, but can often us reminding about keeping papers tidy too. Just don't get him started on his crayon box.. the child actually organizes his crayons by color. Seriously, he out Monks me when it comes to crayons, if only he applied it to his bedroom!

Not a huge change for us as all of our items are still accessable. Both baskets fit neatly on the shelf (as pictured at the start of this post) The other items the kids might have found in their workboxes are also on the shelf as well and I'll just tell them what we're up to next. I like the compactness of these baskets, and how they blend in much nicer then the big shelves.  Then again I'm a big basket person, one trip through my house would probably give you a good idea of that. There's at least 1 basket in each room. In fact we even have one big enough for the dog to sleep in!


Tracey said...

I am still waiting for you.

Lori said...

So glad to know that I am not the only one who actually uses the word "nifty"! :) I *love* your system and your baskets!