Friday, July 2, 2010

July 4th Bunting


The other day I was struck with the notion to make some 4th Of July decorations. I decided to make a patriotic bunting. I had some red and blue material that I simply cut (with pinking sheers) into large triangles. Then I cut out some white stars and sewed them on. I just use the satin stitch on my machine to attach them. I figure if they do fray any it'll give them that authentic old look. The boys were convinced I was sewing a flag the evening I was working on this. They saw the red material, the blue and some stars laying on my craft desk. When I denied making a flag they left the room and continued to "spy" on me from the adjoining doorway incase I was tricking them!

Clearly in the above picture I forgot to snip a thread on that blue triangle! I didn't finish off the triangles either. I simply cut them out with pinking sheers the same way I did the party bunting. I sewed them all onto a 'just long enough' piece of bias tape that I had in my sewing box. I think, it could have been one or two triangles longer to fit in the doorway a little better, but it's quite nice as it is too. Ironically Australia's flag is red white and blue too so I could get away with hanging this up for Australia Day, but honestly I'm seeing green and gold bunting in our future for that...


Tracey said...

Those are really cute! We have been playing around with felt lately and I have plenty of red, white, and blue. We may copy this idea and see how it goes.