Monday, July 5, 2010

Independence Day Fun

At our gathering this weekend the boys had a display table set up to share all that they'd done with family. Unfortunately we forgot to display the 2 dozen little wooden soldiers we'd made. We have 12  British soldiers & 12 Colonial soldiers.

The flag in the background is actually a large canvas that we painted. The actual project was to make a floor cloth, but unfortunately we couldn't get the main supply we needed. Considering the boys ages and how much help they'd need on the project we decided to purchase a large canvas from a local shop and paint it in the pattern of a colonial flag instead. The idea was great. The end project is awesome. Getting there was rough! It had a few accidents along the way. Like a cute and smiley six-year old helping blow dry it to speed up drying time and then proceeding to drag the blow dryer cord through the wet paint. Or, this really helpful 9 year old I know, he brought me the bottle of blue paint. Opened. I didn't know. I shook it and blue paint splattered our once white tripes, the kitchen floor, the pantry. Fun times! The end result is great though and they are really proud of it.

We also played 2 of our 4 Revolutionary War Games. The one pictured above is called Liberty At Last. It's pretty simple, you roll the dice and move your historical figure around the board. Roll a six, pluck a card and move where it tells you. First one to the Treaty Of Paris is the winner. We also had a round of Battle Blitz, and a few of our contestants needed a wee bit of help, but lots of fun was had.

I am not an exceptionally traditional person. I like to march to the beat of my own drum. My family can attest to that, quite loudly I'm sure. However, I love making something red, white, and blue each 4th of July. Our past ventures have been some wildly sugary creations. Last year we made patriotic cupcakes, which were a huge hit. This year I tried a fruit torte which was amazing to look at. I'm not sure it's taste was as high with the critics as I seem to have a lot left over.

My kids always act crazy goofy excited about Jell-o (jelly), but they aren't so big on eating it. Apparently the homemade version didn't go over as well either. Don't you just love all those red strawberries on top? It's bound together with a homemade jelly/jell-o made from peach juice & agar. I chose to sweeten with Maple Syrup, and I subbed fresh blueberries for frozen ones. You can find the recipe here. It's not only sugar-free, but it's also vegan.

I also decided to make red, white, and blue popsicles after spotting this recipe. I opted to make homemade condensed milk which did okay. I really made these a tad too late, and I haven't tested them today to see if the condensed milk frozen anymore or not. Yesterday it was a bit soft, but they were still quite tasty. I threw my fruit in the blender with a pinch of water and a dash of stevia.

It wasn't just America's birthday, we had two guests with birthdays too! So there was a few resounding rounds of Happy Birthday around here and much cake eating, not to mention apple pie eating! In fact, there's a few people who shall remain nameless, who might have had a bit of desert overload. Unless, of course, they are right and one can truly never have enough desert..

We wrapped up the evening with some fireworks. Okay, sparklers, but we had fun with them. It pacified the boys, and will have to suffice until the Christmas firework showing in town. Mr Scarecrow caught some great shots of them.

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