Sunday, July 18, 2010

Funny Conversations..

Last night it was just the boys and I while Mr Scarecrow got some well needed down time and went to a footie match. The boys and I ended up going to Kmart to pick up a new collar for the dog. Long weird story there, but trust me he needed one and the last one we picked out was way to big for him. While there we checked out the videos that were on sale and I treated the boys to the new Astro Boy movie which was on sale.

On the way home we're driving behind a car with an L plate on it. (For those of you across the big pond, here in Autralia when a person is learning to drive and on an American Permit stage they put a yellow square with an L in the front and back window of their car so you are aware. Once they acquire X amount of hours driving if they can pass the test they move up to a P plate..) So there's an L plater ahead of me and I'm driving along patiently behind them when Morgan looks up and says, "Oh man I can't wait to have a license and a laptop!"

While I'm still debating this entire comment over Jayden pipes up with, "Yeah, but first you'd have to be an L plater. That means your just learning, and practicing. Learners can probably go through red lights without getting a ticket because you're just practicing. Right Mom?"

"No, Jayden, you can't go through a red light with an L plate on. You have to prove you know how to drive properly before you can get your P plate. If the police see you pulling through red lights they won't think you're ready for a P yet."

There's much silence while this is pondered over, and then Morgan says, "What I really want is that laptop so I can do whatever I want on it."

I ruined his entire evening by saying, "I'm sorry you can't do whatever you want on a laptop. You'd still have to obey the normal computer rules of our house."

Jayden, always thinking says, "Unless you sat in your own car. But you'd need a P plate instead of an L plate since Mom would probably be in the car with you if you had an L plate still."

Ps: We're still alive and well. We're just enjoying some well needed downtime around here the past two weeks. Regular blog posting will return shortly!


Tracey said...
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Tracey said...

Kendra, your kids say the funniest things. They must take after you in that regard.