Thursday, July 29, 2010

Free Lapbook

We'll be 'rowing' Amber On The Mountain starting on Monday so I thought I'd make a quick lapbook to go with our studies. The boys really enjoy having the lapbooks to do, and they especially enjoy sharing them with anyone who sits still long enough. The lapbook corresponds with the lessons in the Five In A Row Volume 3 manual.

Amber On The Mountain is a really sweet story about a little girl who learns to read and write. I suspect this book will hit a soft spot with a certain little boy I know, and I'm quiet eager to read it with him.

There is no actual location given for the book other then atop a mountain. I've opted to learn about Switzerland with the boys, mostly because the story of Heidi came to mind and the lonesome life people felt she must have lived living way atop the mountain. We've actually listened to this book before, but this time we'll be reading it. After that we'll have to see if we can obtain copies of Heidi Grows Up & Heidi's Children.

Hopefully the pdf won't seem to weird if you chose to print it out. I put many the labels for booklets on differing pages then the booklets themselves as I only printed out one copy of this lapbook for both my boys to work on. We like to have lots of color in our booklets and this allowed our labels to be different colors then our actual booklets.

You may also find, when printing on A4 paper (that's those of us not living in America) that some of the pages will just barely fit on the paper. My awesome scrapbooking program has one small flaw, and that would be that I can't make things on for an A4 paper. BUT, they do fit so I didn't go back and adjust it. 

I also made two pop-up booklets; one for the map and one for the flag. Hopefully the directions are pretty self explanatory, but if not I'll post pictures or a video on how to make it. Really, it's quite simple so don't be frightened by it! You can download your own copy here if you want.


Kim:) said...

Thank you Kendra! I am printing this lapbook as I type! Now I just have to get the book! :)

Tracey said...

Sadly, it is too late for us to use this as we have moved on to Beyond Five in a Row. Great job though.

Angela Webb said...

Thank you so much for sharing your work. May God bless you abundantly for your unselfishness.

Michelle said...

Kendra, this is awesome! Thank you so much!