Wednesday, July 21, 2010

File Crate & Planning

I thought I'd share a bit more about the planning and file crate system since I've gotten a lot of questions about it since I first posted about it a few months ago. While we've been enjoying a couple of weeks "school-free" (is that even 100% possible?) I've been reorganizing my box and bringing it up to date a bit.

I like to bump my files around, which means as a month finishes I move it towards the back of the basket. You can see some green files in there which seem empty, and that's because those are the months we've all ready finished this year. This way the current month is always at the front. This makes it even quicker for dropping things into the basket as I find them. It also makes locating them at the start of the week easier too.

Each large green file roughly holds 8 smaller files. This allows me to plan 8 weeks worth of lessons at a time. All though we usually do 3-6 weeks on and 1-2 weeks off. Within each of those smaller files I keep: School plans, Homeschool Journal pages, the book we'll be using for our unit study, any go-alongs titles that I might have, a library list, a menu, and any other printables I might have. That would include lapbook pieces and so on. There are no lapbook pieces pictured above because I will need to make a lapbook for this particular unit study.

When the books are too big to fit in the file itself I store them behind it, but still within the main green file folder. I think when I reorganize it for next year I'll be using my green file folders for only 1 month. Due to the books I'm also storing in there I'm finding my files a tad tight. The typed paper above is my plans from the Five In A Row manual for the book Amber On The Mountain. Some of the plans have all ready changed since I typed them up. Which is why the journaling page comes in so handy. I can compare what I planned to do with what we actually accomplished. It's fun to look back through those.

My recipe file holds: menus I've filled out and we've all ready used, a few blank menu planning papers, cooking magazines, recipes I print off the internet or find in the local paper, etc. I know it probably seems insanely silly to hold onto old menus, but I'll let you in on a little secret. Not only do those menus have meals planned on them, they also have my shopping lists on them. So, if I'm pulling a blank or behind on menu planning I can just pull an old one out and run with it. I'm still using my weekly menu planners vs my monthly ones. I really should make some cute weekly ones again, but the plain ones work just as well!

My extra file holds a vast array of things and I really must take the time to break it down. Pictured above is what I found in it when I broke it down: Extra Planning pages, math game papers, some fun bookmarks I need to laminate when we purchase more laminate, olympic party plans for a homeschooling event we'll be hosting in a weeks time, Dolch word Bingo game supplies, my Nano story from last year which I've slowly been editing and typing up.

It no longer sits in a pink chair in the corner because we recently picked up this awesome white board easel. It has the whiteboard (pictured), and if you slide the whiteboard off there's a felt board behind it. Turn the whole thing around and there's a chalkboard on the other side. I'm not a fan of chalkboards, they give me the chills! I'd love to turn the reverse side into a nifty magnet board. So we close the box up and slip it under there. It's so simple to open and pull out what I need and to close it up as needed. I can also store it open under there, but decided to close it for a nicer photo.


Tracey said...

Love it! So organized! Can you come to my house and organize me?

Kendra said...

Ha! You should see my craft corner at the moment

Tracey said...

Show me the craft corner! Ha Ha