Monday, July 26, 2010

Back To School

This week we're back to school after a nice three week break. We've managed to have a lot of fun at the park, conquer a whole lot of crafts, and still get our school planning in. So this week it's back to the books and school fun for us. Unfortunately our plans of doing a simple unit study on the book  Amber On The Mountain have gone a bit wayward as we're still awaiting the arrival of a book in the mail for it.

Rather then take another week off, something we're not interested in, we're going to work on a few lapbooks that we have that can be stand along units. Most of them we've obtained for free in some form or another. Here's some of what we have planned for the week ahead:

Ice Cream Lapbook in honor of July being ice cream month. This little lapbook is loaded with historical information, scientific information, and of course a whole lot of fun. I thought it was neat when it explained all the nitty gritty about brain freeze, questions Morgan was pestering us about just a few days ago! I think we can also squeeze in some graph work for math if we can round up enough opinions on favorite flavors of ice cream!

The boys have been big Steve Irwin fans for a long time, or at least Morgan has. So when Hands Of A Child was offering out free lapbooks in exchange for reviews we jumped at the chance for this one. It's really well done and quite thorough. So we'll finally finish putting it together!

Grandfather's Wisdom is a fun lapbook where you interview your Grandpa and jot down the answers to the questions. I'm pretty sure the boys will enjoy doing this because they are always asking for "real stories". So if we can get our time zones worked out they'll ring their Poppy in America and have fun asking him all sorts of questions, and probably crack a few hideous jokes while they are at it. (We happened to obtain this lapbook when it was being offered up for free as well..)

Grandmother's Virtues is in the same series of lapbooks as Grandpa's Wisdom. I'm pretty sure we snagged this one for free at some point as well. Either way the boys will enjoy interviewing their American Gram-Gram as well. We'll have to make up a second set of each of these books so they can interview their Australian Nana as well..

We'll also be playing some fun new math games (stay tuned for more info) as well as some oldies but goodies like Joey-Joey which we love using for math fact practice. Looks like a fun week ahead for us!


Tristan said...

Sounds like a lot of lapbooking fun! I think my kids would like the Steve Irwin one.

Tracey said...

That does sound like a lot of lapbooking fun. We loved Amber on the Mountain. We also love ice cream and Steve Irwin without a doubt! Have fun!