Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Timeline Notebook

When we first started homeschooling, what seems like many years ago, I purchased the Konos wall timeline. I really do like it. I like the visual it gives of how far between years things happened, or in reverse how close actual events happened. We have moved that, very large I might add, timeline from apartment, to house, to house, to house. It's been found hanging on our school room wall, dining room walls, living room walls, hallway walls, and even on a bedroom wall for a short while. We really do enjoy using our timeline, but we're often a bit slack with it.

I'll also be 100% honest and say that the timeline chat comes up frequently amongst homeschoolers. To timeline or not to timeline. To use a wall timeline, or a notebook. Which brand, what graphics, and on and on.  When one such topic came out a while back it dawned on me that Morgan really has an amazing passion for drawing. He rarely goes a day without attempting to draw something, so much so that I'd love to sign him up for some lessons.

One of his very favorite things to do in any given school day is Bible because he gets to draw the story out on a timeline. He's quite the embellisher on his pictures and goes for all sorts of funny faces and emotions in his pictures too. The picture of Mary realizing Jesus was left behind in Jerusalem was quite amusing with Mary's mouth wide open in shock and her hands over it. Yeah, I could also tell you about the picture Morgan drew when he was 7 of me. I'd apparently wandered up to the library and discovered that it was closed. Best part? That picture, for all time's sake, is logged away in one of his many lapbooks.. But I'm getting way off topic here.

The point is, Morgan loves to draw. So, it occurred to me, when someone was asking about notebook timelines, that I knew where one would could get such pages for free. I knew this because we'd used them before. In fact, Morgan had a lot of fun drawing timelines for our Lewis & Clark study, so much so he's asked many times if we'd be doing anymore of it. So I hopped on over to Guest Hollow (formerly Los Banos Homeschool) and printed out the boys Timeline Notebook cover. We then made a trip to our local office supply store and picked up a new notebook for it. I decided to go with a binder instead of one of our fun homemade books because I knew that, if used properly, this notebook would far expand the width of the spines we have for our homemade books.

Generally, we read about something and then Morgan draws a picture that will help him remember. Sometimes he's more elaborate then others. The pictures I've shared he drew last week with a box of crayons vs pencils. He enjoyed drawing timeline pictures while I read our read aloud. The picture above, while looking a tad wild actually has quite a bit of purpose to it. The top picture is a drawing of England and the Pilgrims two ships that left. The triangles with the P's in it were the party banners up for their departure; I giggled on that one. The bottom left is a picture of the Jamestown Plantation, complete with a fence around it. The picture on the right is the men, in the boat, writing the Mayflower compact. 

Notes: We use the blank timeline pages, but you can also get ones with dates all ready written on them. While I had every intention of printing on the front and back of these papers, we didn't. So in the end I've left it like that. When we do a study and make a notebook, I simply copy the timeline pages so that he can store the same papers in both his timeline notebook & his themed notebook.

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Michele said...

Love it! We are using this exact same timeline! I have a future post coming up about it! Love all the art work. Very COOL!