Thursday, June 24, 2010

Subtraction Track

Last week to help Jayden get a better hold on subtraction we played a new game called Subtraction Track. I can always tell when we've found a good game to play because not only does the intended participant enjoy the game, but everyone else in the family wants in on it. Jayden had so much fun with this game he showed everyone how to play it over tea one night. It's really simple to play. All you need is paper, pencil, and two die.

On your sheet of paper (we made three boards out of one piece of scrap paper) write the numbers 0-4 on it. Underneath it, draw three x's or circles. This is your board game. The object is to get all the numbers crossed off without using up all the x's or circles.

Roll the two dice. Subtract the larger die from the smaller one, the answer you get is the number you will x off on your paper. If, your unfortunate enough, to have all ready x'ed off the number then you need to color in a circle or x off an x. If you use up all three x's/o's then your out of the game. Other's can continue to play until they have either marked off all numbers, or until they've used up all three of their x's. 

This was a fun game and a great way to learn some basic subtraction facts. You could add more numbers to the paper in an effort to reach more numbers, but you'd have to swap the dice for cards. We had a lot of fun with this and due to it's quick nature to play I suspect this one will be creeping up quite often during "dull" moments this winter!


Phyllis said...

What a fun idea! Shut the Box works on this principal as well. Bravo for making such a fun game, and so portable, too!

Renelle said...

Great idea, thanks for sharing we are stuck on subtraction at the moment so we'll give it a go as a bit of a warm up. Subtracting using multiple digits and borrowing is where we are coming undone.Guess what - we got the blue book (3-6grade) Collection of Maths Lessons today, yey

Kendra said...

Oo, Renelle, I have a game for borrowing! We'll be playing it next week too. I'll try and get the instructions up because I suspect it would help. We played Sum It Up for Carrying and it worked like a charm. So I'm thinking the one in reverse for subtraction will help. :)

Lauren said...

Have just bookmarked your site as an Aussie homeschooling resource. It looks great! I'll be back for a proper read later.