Monday, June 14, 2010

Revolutionary War Fun

This week, on top of all the Liberty Kids fun we posted, we were also dutifully working away on our Revolutionary War lapbook & notebook. The boys also had some very interesting discussions and questions based on the many things we covered. Jayden decided that he's very passionate about George Washington, which is interesting because he's taken to many presidents as they've come up in our studies.

We also learned about Whigs and Tory's, unfortunately we didn't have the awesome book written by Jean Fritz called Early Thunder. It's not only an amazing tale about the Revolutionary War, but an easy way to learn about Whigs and Tories. All the same, the boys enjoyed the quick lesson. We did not fill out George vs George book because we decided it would be fairer to wait until our books about them arrived so we could have equal information about them both. 

We had a quick brush up on the Pilgrims and I was pleased to see the boys remembered why and when the Mayflower Compact was written. Big stuff for little people there. We then proceeded to make this very cool little booklet for our lapbook. The boys were tickled pink I used paper that made it look "so old", it made their day.

We also had fun working on this British Acts book. It was lots of little pie shaped pictures that had to be taped together; the end result is very elaborate! We had a lot of fun coloring these pictures and discussing what each one stood for. It was also amazing to see just how much the colonists were being taxed, and not a wonder they eventually got completely fed up with it.

We worked together on this fun Jamestown Plantation Replica as well. The boys colored it all up and then I cut it out and helped them glue it together. It went together quite well, all though the lookout spots in the rounded area on the fences were a tad fiddly. Even still, the boys are quite pleased with their efforts, and rightfully so!

We also made a notebooking paper which helped us to visualize the way the government was working before America became it's own nation. The boys enjoyed the pictures that went with it for helping them to remember Upper and Lower house, all though they were a tad disappointed that their envision of certain people ruling the second story of the house and other's ruling the ground level weren't quite accurate. The boys are super excited to start this weeks lessons because there's rumor they'll hear about the Boston Tea Party and the beginning of the actual war... 

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