Monday, June 28, 2010


You'll have to excuse the grainy photo, I took it with my mobile. However, this little Tassie Devil was found on Sentry duty around the house today. Jayden has been so taken by the British with our Revolutionary War Study that he was determined to make his own RedCoat. The coat is actually from his circus master Beanie Kid, and it even has "gold buttons" on it. The sword is from his knight Beanie Kid, and the little hat is actually from a Buzz Light Year toy. I love how the sword is attached to the belt though! I'm not sure you can make it out in the picture but attached to the yard belt is a yellow paperclip, and the sword is sheathed in it. Wait until you see his little wooden soldiers we made this weekend. They're all just waiting for their hats and then they'll be ready for a photo opportunity!

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