Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I saw this quilting pattern over at Moda Bake Shop some time ago and filed it away for a later date, which came in quite handy when I decided to make a baby quilt for a family member. I was tempted to go all out crazy with pinks because it's not a color I often get to use. In fact, girlie stuff just isn't too big in our home, but it also dawned on me that there might be a whole lot of pink floating in this couple's life all ready and that perhaps I could inundate them with pink and frills later. So I went wildly red instead. I loved the red polkadots, and while you can't see the various patterned material on the edge I promise there is a pink handprint in there. Our favorites though were a ducky print, both Morgan and I spotted it and agreed we should most certainly use it for this particular project. I was a bit worried about the letters, but in the end I think they turned out okay. It was my first time using an invisible thread and wowser man, that stuff is hard to find on a dark red polka dotted material. I was heard saying, "I've lost it again!" a few times over. Mr Scarecrow kept sniggering because I'm pretty sure he thought I was kidding around!

I promise, it really is straight! The quilt was hanging outside on a laundry line when it's picture was snapped, thus the waving effect on the bottom. Kinda creepy though, isn't it? So the quilt isn't entirely finished. I need to back and bind it, but I realized the color I picked for binding it was good with the background material but not so much with the front. Cause, there's nothing like a red binding with red polkadots to create an awesome clashing! Here's hoping I have time to pop into the craft store tomorrow and pick something out!

This is Jayden's 9-Patch Quilt from his pioneer project. I let the boys riffle through the boxes of materials and pick out what they wanted. Jayden was aiming for lots of blues, his favorite color, and was pleased to see we still had a bit of Diego leftover from his party as well as the other fun material. I did not let him cut it out because we used my rolling tool and I was just too nervous fingers would get cut. I cut out extra squares though and let them choose the squares they liked best. Then I had him put his pattern on the floor and we mapped that out on paper. I did let them use the machine to sew it up. We haven't put a binding on it yet because I was going to go the quick way of getting some of the ribbon binding from the craft store, if, of course, they have blue.

This is Morgan's quilt. He had a much harder time choosing material because he was torn on another piece or two that he discovered. In the end this is what he went with. Oddly enough I had the jeep material in the box for him but wasn't sure what I was going to make with it. I'm glad he chose to use it this way. The crocs are one of my favorite pieces and when I purchased it I had intentions of using it on a pirate quilt I made for Morgan. In the end we didn't, but I've always envisioned those crocs as the ones from Peter Pan. Silly I know, but Morgan has always been a Peter Pan fan and a pirate fan and because I bought the material for him.. Morgan also sewed his, but again I wouldn't let him use the rotary tool. I was just too chicken, which is probably a tad unfair to them but trust me being cut by one is not fun. They both did really well and couldn't wait to show them off!


Leslie said...

What a cute quilt!!! I love the letters! How did you do that?

I hope you have fun with Vol 4! We have loved doing it this year. Hope you get some fun ideas from our co-op to use.

Hugs to you!

Leah Day said...

I love the baby quilt! It's so nice to see quilts out of the traditional baby pink / baby blue colors.

I often throw in some black in my baby quilts which is unusual, but most parents seem to like it.

Do you have a plan for quilting it yet?

Let's go quilt!

Leah Day

Kendra said...

I can't believe I forgot to put the link in for the pattern! lol Anyway, the letters were provided and I traced them onto heat and bond and then used invisible thread to satin stitch all the way around them to ensure they don't fall off in the wash or anything like that.

I'm not 100% sure, but if I did it again I might do the stitching in corresponding colors. It looks fine like it is, but I think it might look even better in corresponding colors ..

I don't have a quilting plan yet, and I must admit I'm often lazy and quilt them by machine!

Tracey said...

I love the red with polka dots. It turned out really nice. The boys quilts are also nice. I am sure they love them. When do you find time to do all of this stuff lady? Do you sleep at all?