Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My New Cookbook

Apparently this is what I've looked like to my family since Tuesday when the amazing cookbook showed up! I was in the kitchen making bread when the postman showed up, in the pouring rain, waving two packages for me. I was beyond giddy when I discovered The Rodale Whole Foods Cookbook inside one of them. I had to resist sitting down with it all day in order to get more pressing matters dealt with, and what restraint that took! As soon as I had a few spare minutes to sit down I grabbed my packet of post-it flags and started flagging recipes in the book. The problem is, there's so much goodness in that book that I was easily distracted and I quickly ran out of flags before ever getting to the middle of the book!  This book is amazing, did I mention that all ready?

There's an amazing bread section, and despite having a really tasty bread recipe I can't wait to try out the Honey Oat Wheat bread. We all ready tried the Maple Corn muffins for breakfast on Sunday and Jayden couldn't get enough of them. Mind you, I did rename them the Laura & Marry Muffins (as in Little House) because I was pretty sure he'd flip out if he thought there was corn in his muffins! We've also tried the Creamy Oatmeal, Baked BBQ Chicken (the homemade bbq sauce was delicious, but I renamed it Honey & Ketchup chicken for my kids..), and have a Maple Pound cake on the counter waiting to go out to dinner with us tomorrow. The boys can't wait to dig into it because apparently the batter was so yummy they want to eat it right now!

There are flags running up this side and across the top as well. We've flagged things like Apricot Butter (similar to apple butter), Pomegranate Chicken (can't wait to try this!), and Cherry Granola. I love the whole grains used in this book, but I'm equally excited that, aside from most cookie recipes, there's very little use of sugar in this book. Instead the recipes call for honey, maple syrup, maple sugar, molasses, agave nectar, fruit juice, and the likes. It's so fun to be able to open up a cookbook and not have to convert the majority of the recipes inside! I'm pretty sure that with over 700 pages in this cookbook, my family might be looking at me through the cover for a while longer..

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Tracey said...

Looks like a great book! I love bread!