Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Juice Sweetened Cereal

It's always fun to find convenience foods that we can pick up and eat. However, Nature's Path cereal is one we can occasionally indulge in. I say occasionally, because as you can see by the price sticker on the cereal it's anything but cheap, and yes that's a sale price! Generally that cereal runs $7.95 (AUD) per box. It's nice to be able to snag this cereal when we go camping, are on vacation, or just for the occasional treat around the house. CornFlakes are a huge deal around here. They also happen to sell Spelt Flakes that are juice sweetened. Unfortunately, they only have two true fruit juice sweetened cereals and we find that they are hard to keep in stock. So we were delighted to find them, not only on sale, but in stock this past week when we picked up a couple of boxes. Locally you can often find this in stock at health food stores; we've picked it up and three different shops. It's also available in America, but you might need to check their website to find out where.

We've also spotted a few goodies at Woolies that are completely sugar-free treats that we can occasionally buy. The Naytura Blueberry Crunch Bars as well as the Apricot Chewy bars are both sweetened with fruit juice.  Naytura also makes a Chocolate & a chocolate nibs cookie/biscuit that are sweetened with fruit juice, but honestly we're just not into prepackage cookies and didn't like either one. I think we're highly spoiled with our own homebaked goodies!  Naytura also makes a few granola style cereals that are sweetened with fruit juice, we don't usually buy these because we make our own granola, but we do enjoy them on occasion.

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