Saturday, June 12, 2010

Jayden is 7

What's your favorite:
Cereal: Squares (shredded wheat)
Vegetable: corn!
Drink: lemonade, but not the fizzy kind
Toy: Buzz Light Year Lego!
Tv Show: Uh, I don't really have one of those kinds of stuffs because I don't really watch tv.
Game: Duck, Duck, Bruce!
Restaurant: Subway
Book: Peter Rabbit 
Holiday: my birthday & Christmas
Animal: lions, dogs, giraffes
If you could change your name, what would you change it to?
Perry Parkers 
(don't ask, it's his new obsession, and he's even named his lego man this)
What is your favorite thing about each person in our family?
That Morgan can help me build my lego when I need him to.
That Daddy jumps on the trampoline with me!
That Mommy cooks my favorite foods.
If you could choose where we go on vacation, where would we go?
LegoWorld & Lego Store
What do you hope to do now that you are seven?
Ride my bike without training wheels, cook my own food, and maybe learn how to blow up the bathroom.
(You are NOT learning how to blow up the bathroom! But MooooooooM.....)

I love seeing how their answers change each year; and it's true, he doesn't watch tv shows, just movies. So I suspect if we had asked him what his favorite movie had been he would have said Robin Hood (Disney version), because he watches it as often as he can. In fact, Im' pretty sure any day now the library will ask us to stop borrowing it. Jayden has been obsessed with knights, castles, and swords for a few years now. He was in total awe when the library had a Camelot display with REAL swords. In fact, he was hoping we'd buy him a real sword for his birthday, sorry about that one Jayder!  Happy Birthday Pumpkin Pie!

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Tracey said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAYDEN! I love the answer to the TV show question.