Monday, June 21, 2010

Funny Conversations

I keep baskets of books handy for a variety of things. Two particular baskets of books sit by our fireplace, which is rarely in use so there's no fire risk here. One holds the books pertaining to our current school study. The other is a box of picture books or easy readers and such for the boys. I can then say, "Go get a book from the reading box to read to me!"

Being big fans of Franklin there are several Franklin books in the box waiting to be read, as well as Curious George, Clifford, DK Readers, Lego Readers, & so on. Now, these books have been in this box for sometime. As the kids read them I swap them out, but certain books have been sitting in that box for a while. Library books, after all, take a higher seat of importance for reading then do books we own.

As you also know, we've been studying the Revolutionary War. Jayden is quite taken by many famous Americans like Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, and Paul Revere. However, he's equally taken by the British soldiers (I think the fancy uniforms suck him in), and as long as he's not trying to tell us how highly unimpressed Ben Franklin was with the way a British judge treated him in parliament (that's totally Liberty Kids talking there..) 

Morgan was flipping through the box of books when I reminded him the reading challenge started on Monday. He happened to flip past this Franklin book when Jayden let out an audible gasp. We all stopped thinking they'd discovered something terrible in the book box when Jayden says, "MOMMY! Quick! Why on earth is Franklin a British Solider?"

Now, I was attempting to clean up party remnants and plan school stuff in my head, not to mention come up with a weekly menu, remind myself I signed up to host our local homeschool group twice in the upcoming months ahead, and plan out another craft kit. So I really didn't have a clue what Jayden was talking about. Which means I responded with a dumbfounded look.

Jayden took my dumbfounded look for pure stupidity and grabbed up the book and promptly shoved it right under my eyes before saying, with great disgust, "SEE! Look, he's wearing a red coat!" Once I removed the book enough to actually see what was on it I had to suppress a giggle.  I then responded with, "Jayden, he's a nutcracker in the school play, not a British solider. Promise." "You're wrong Mom, look, he has a red jacket with gold buttons, black books, white pants, and.." He paused for great emphasis here, "a sword." Oh the envy,  Jayden wanted us to buy him a real sword for his birthday. I offered to help make him a proper wooden sword, but he informed me a wooden sword could not chop down trees and such..

I opened the book and showed him that Franklin was in a school play, which seemed to pacify him for a while. Then today, I sent Morgan to the reading box to fetch a book to read to me. Jayden followed him and quickly scarfed up the Franklin book which we found him staring at for a long while before he said, "I still think he's trying to be a Redcoat otherwise, why would he get to have a red shirt and a sword?"

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