Friday, June 18, 2010

Fun Book Finds

I am a thrift store shopper. I enjoy going in and checking out the bargains. I tend to head straight for the book cases and the clothes racks. Last week we had the opportunity to pop into a couple of local thrift stores & while scanning the book shelves I stumbled across two fun math books on top of other goodies. These little math books are really cute and just right for Jayden. Morgan all ready knows the info inside of them, but will most likely enjoy the stories.

One is about fractions and is called The Missing Invitation. The second book is about subtraction and is called The Famous Pie Story. They are really quite simplistic stories, but we enjoy reading a book about a new subject we are learning. It's equally fun to read books about topics you now understand in order to better understand the story line. So needless to say I grabbed both books up and we'll be reading them this week for school. The pictures are so cute I couldn't help snapping a few pictures to share with you!

Jayden will love that this is about a bunny; he's obsessed with bunnies.

 I like that they used quarters without it all being food based!

I'm loving that they show how to add the fractions!

This story is a bit typical of a subtraction story, but they'll like it all the same

Don't you just love that little Pig?

Liking the way the pattern is laid out


Gae said...

Dear Kendra,
Wow you were so lucky.
We went to Atnique Emporium today fr some great finds, but these were so cool
ps. Been thinking of you and trying to catch up. We have visitors at the moment I'll try to next week

alecat said...

What great finds!!
Those books look very inviting. :)

Renelle said...

Great find Kendra, I love op shops but don't get there very often, we live a little way out of town in the country and I also have a 2 year old that likes to run away giggling. I have a question...I am in the process of trying to do something completely different for maths and was wondering what your favourite maths tool or resource would be?

Kendra said...

Renelle, I had gotten your last message. Sorry it's taken me so long to reply to it. I think that if I only had one resource I'd go with A Collection Of Math Lessons. There are game ideas, manipulative ideas, and so on. The books are written by ladies who use to (and may still do) teach math classes in public school settings. Yet their approach is gentle and sensible. We've loved everything we've tried. There are three books to the series K-3, 3-6, 6-12. They are written from an American perspective and their schools run from K-12 before moving on to university. Anyway, You can read more about them on my blog too, and I might do a fun post about them linking all the posts I've done in the past about them for you! ;)

Gae, we'd love to catch up! Things have been busy here too. I've been in and out of the Dr for a swollen knee, yesterday it was to the Phsyio so I'm now sporting a funny taped knee and a wonderful bruise from the deep muscle work he did!

Renelle said...

Thanks Kendra, I'' try and get my hands on one, Taa.