Sunday, June 27, 2010

Fourth Of July Lapbooks

We're loving every minute of our Revolutionary War study and we're quickly nearing the end. You'll have to wait just a wee bit longer to see the finished results of their notebook and lapbook they've been working on. However, if you're looking for a quick and simple lapbook for the your family for the 4th, I've spotted two freebies over the past couple of days.

Lapbook #1 is geared more towards the younger crowd with lots of fun little booklets in color to print and fill in. From hotdogs to fireworks they seem to have covered it all. This might be a fun review for my younger one next year. There's also some fun links for other shaped booklets if you're interested. You may, or may not, have to sign up for a free account to access that one. I'm not entirely sure as I'm all ready a member.

Lapbook #2 is geared more towards the older crowd. There are a great range of booklets, from Francis Scott Key to Benjamin Franklin. This lapbook even covers The Sons Of Liberty, Patriots, Fireworks, The Liberty Bell, How to care for your flag, and the Boston Tea Party. Lots of fun and learning in this nifty free lapbook!

I also spotted these fun Free Crafts:

  •  Pledge Of Allegiance bookmarks: They'd make cute party gifts for the 4th.
  •  Stars & Stripes Pin Wheels: We love pinwheels around here, and they'd make great little decorations too.
  • Patriotic Drink Parasols: my kids are gonna love these, they are always begging me to buy umbrellas for their parties..
  • Patriotic Fans: these would also make cute decorations, with or without the stick handles.
  • Firework Tutorial: I promise no one will get burned with these festive firworks, we're hoping to make a few as the closest we'll get to "bombs bursting in air" is going to be some hand held sparklers.
  • Adorable Eagle T-Shirt: When the boys were younger it was traditional to give out at least one or two handprint crafts each year. T-shirts was often high on the list!

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Shannon said...

Hi Kendra,
Was googling for July 4th lapbooks and happened onto your blog! Thanks for all of the fantastic kiddles will love the fun crafts.
Happy 4th!