Thursday, June 17, 2010

Birthday Fun

Jayden successfully stuck with his idea of waking us up super early on his birthday. So much so, I sent him back to bed. That lasted for 30 minutes. At which point I told him it still wasn't morning yet, and I got away with that one because it was still pitch black out there! After that he had to wait until Daddy woke up before he could tear into his presents. The boys usually wake up to a decorated table: party cloth & their presents. He wanted to be sure the table would be read for him, apparently after 7 years of life this is something he was worried I'd forget about!

He was beyond excited to open up his presents, even if he was disappointed at the prospect of no lego. You see, the problem with lego is that kids usually know they are getting it because it makes so much stinking noise in the boxes! So we opened up the boxes and added padding to it so they wouldn't shake. Honestly, I don't get the big giant boxes for a handful of lego, but that's another rant.. Anyway, when he opened up the very Buzz Light Year lego he'd been waiting "years" for he sat there for a minute before saying, "I can't believe I actually got one!"

We were suppose to go camping that afternoon, but due to a holiday weekend (Queen's Birthday) the camp sites were full. There was a pinch of disappointment around the house, but we made the best of it. In fact, we decided we'd just camp out in the living room. We did consider setting it up in the yard, which we were all game for, until we remembered that Mr Scarecrow & I didn't have air mattresses and I wasn't willing to risk my hip on the cold ground over night. Might sound wimpy, but if I agrivate my hip I won't even be able to touch it without excruciating pain.

The boys had a blast camping in the tent, and yes my living room is missing all it's furniture. I had to put the lounge chairs in the dining room and shove the couch off to the side, which is half blocking the kitchen entrance. The dog was equally content to sleep in the tent, in fact he was delighted when Jayden gave him his own room instead of having to sleep in the entry way. And no, our tent isn't normally so "see through", we just didn't put on the other bits. It was quite the effort to get those massive poles up without breaking a window or knocking a computer off it's desk.

There was also our customary birthday oreos that have become quite the tradition around here. While in a local shop earlier this week Jayden picked out some candles. I actually went in to cash in on the sale and pick up a new toaster, but I was most disgruntled that toasters were barely on sale and I refused to pay $80 for a toaster. My family has been venomously complaining that they have to retoast (okay and yes, sometimes triple toast) their toast. What can I say, I'm cheap. In the end Jayden spotted some really cute birthday candles that I snagged for him instead. At bedtime he declared it, "The best birthday ever!" 

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Tracey said...

What a good idea to put your tent inside. My kids thought they were going to be brave and camp out in our backyard and after an hour of preparation by my husband, they lasted 30 minutes. I might try this idea next.