Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Battle Blitz!

Yet, another grainy photo! Mr Scarecrow has the good camera with him today so you'll have to settle for a grainy photo until I can take a proper one. Battle Blitz! Is a file folder game from our Revolutionary War study. Despite it's lack of color, we'll have to deal with that later while watching an episode of Liberty's Kids, we had a lot of fun playing this game!

The idea is to conquer as many battles around the board as you can. You simply move in a clockwise position and answer trivia questions. A correct answer means you've won a battle. The boys had a blast playing this and the questions are all things from what we've studied. Which meant play was pretty equal around the board!  In fact, the hardest part of this game for them was keeping quiet while someone else answered a question.  I'm really impressed with exactly how much information they've retained from this incredible study we've done, and I'm pretty sure anything that might have "leaked out" will be enforced with this fun game.

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