Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Saturday Mornings

Saturday mornings were back to the soccer fields again. Morgan is actually in the right league this year, playing for a different school. This may be the first year Morgan has played soccer that his jersey actually fits him properly. His first year, he was three, I had to hem it by a good 3 inches or more. Oddly enough, at 9, he's still wearing the same shin guards he wore at age three. I think his former coaches would be amazed with his skills this year though.

Morgan is the only player on his team who knows, when playing defence, not to cross midfield. He also sticks with "his man" like butter on toast. He's also not afraid to get into the thick of things now that kids don't tower over him. A couple of times Coach C has suggested he, "Run down field and go for a goal, Mate!" Morgan will have a small look of confusion on his face as he looks behind him and only sees a goalie, he'll stare at the midline for a moment, shrug and take off. This year is going to be all about having fun for him..

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