Friday, May 28, 2010

Revolutionary War Plans

Here at the Pumpkin Patch we are gearing up for an American History studies based on the Revolutionary War. This is a topic that peeked the boys curiosity earlier this year and I promised we'd get to it eventually. The idea is to spend the next 5 (or 6) weeks with this study so that the boys will have a great new appreciation for Independence Day (July 4th). At the very least, they will have a new understanding for why America celebrates on the 4th.

I have them completely psyched for this study which wasn't too difficult to do considering they chose the topic. However, just to be sure they were ready I was overheard the other afternoon saying, "Do you guys know who Paul Revere is?" Upon saying no I went into a short tail wind about how if it hadn't been for people like Revere America might not be. I then asked if they knew who Benedict Arnold, John Adams, George Washington, Francis Scott Key, Valley Forge, and so on.

Morgan was quite proud of himself for knowing exactly who Washington was and not to be out down Jayden pipped up that he knew who Thomas Jefferson was. They were both really miffed that I didn't indulge them with more information about the previous people mentioned. They like nothing more then curling up and hearing stories about real people, which means they are really going to enjoy the next month of school!

We'll be kicking off our studies with Paul Revere's Ride from Volume 3 of the Five In A Row manuals. The book is the poem by Longfellow and will give them a good base for wanting to know more about the time period. If I get it done in time I'll be making the boys a lapbook to go with this study.

The core of our entire study comes from the Homeschool In The Woods Time Travellers Revolutionary War cd. We will be having so much fun with the contents of this cd! I really can't wait to get started with it, and I know the boys will go crazy with all the fun ahead of them too. It's loaded with games, recipes, crafts, lapbooking pieces, notebooking pieces, and so on. Lots of fun ahead for us.

We'll also be reading through the following books (all of which tie in with at least one lesson to the Time Traveler cd):

Now all we have to do is hope most of them arrive in a timely fashion! 


schmobes said...

I am excited to see your studies! Kiddo is currently in love with the Revolutionary War, so I anticipate a study in our future, too.

Gae said...

Dear Kendra,
Great plans. I hope you and the boys enjoy doing this study. Lots of great books too

BTW I have an award for you on my blog

Tracey said...

My kids loved this one when we rowed it. Your plans look great!