Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Multiplication Fun

Monday I took the boys by the local toy store in hopes of finding a couple of games I was after. As it turned out the toy shop only had one of the games I was after, which is probably better off because while you might see these games listed for $8.00 (USD) or so around the internet, they are often priced at $19.98 here. Upon coming home we opened the game and then realized we had unattended chores and things to deal with before Mr Scarecrow got home from work. Which means our poor game was left completely unattended until after dinner, at which point Morgan could no longer take the suspense and asked if we could please play it. As is the tradition in our home, Mr Scarecrow read the rules and we all teamed up so we could quickly learn how to play.

This game far exceeded our expectations for fun and educational! The idea of the game, in short, is to buy and sell stocks. The person with the most money at the end of the game is declared the winner. The only downer to this game is that it's only a 2 player game. But this also works out well because it gives me a chance to work one-on-one with Morgan on a new skill he's more then ready for.

The idea of Ka-ching is to lay out 5 rows of 7 cards. You give each player $20 and the rest of the money goes in the "bank".  From there, you pay face value for any card you pick up; ie a 2 will cost you $2. You can then sell them if you have two of the same color. So let's say you have two purple 3s. You will then multiply 3x3 to determine how much money you will be paid via the bank. Only, because we've not officially "done" multiplication we say, "3 groups of 3 equals?" Interestingly enough after a few games Morgan now knows quite a few of his multiplication facts. He's also quickly making change (subtraction), estimating how much he'll need in his hand to purchase which stocks (and out score his opponents), as well as typical money skills. 

This game is incredibly addictive too and has all ready been played a few dozen times since we purchased it. Morgan is especially addicted to it which is awesome because it's a great way to work on multiplication facts without any effort at all.  The best part is that it ties in with those cookies he made for an upcoming division/multiplication lesson we'll be having next week.

I do wish that the numbers went a little bit higher (they only go to 6) so that we could practice our higher facts as well, but we've determined that we could easily use a regular deck of cards in order to work with our higher facts. We'd just have to add in some monopoly money or our basket of math monies. Either way, I suspect there's a couple of little boys who are going to have a whole lot of fun learning their multiplication facts.

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