Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Mother's Day Crafts

1. I Love You Card -- Is this not the cutest Mother's Day card ever? Okay, except for the one Jayden picked for me once that had a monkey wearing sunglasses on it, or was that a birthday card? I dunno, I get some pretty wild cards around here that always bring lots of laughter!

2. Cupcake Carnations -- they have to be some of the coolest "fake" flowers I've seen. Seriously cute flowers there. I'm pretty certain one could get away with using pipe cleaners if they needed to instead of floral wire.

3. Fingerprint Pendant -- I love seeing the kids hand print crafts. Each year we make at least one craft, usually with our annual Christmas ornaments. We've also done handprint sheep and given them away for Easter, but more traditionally we've been doing the handprint lilly's at Easter. What a fun necklace though!

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