Sunday, May 9, 2010

Dear Mom..

Dear Mom,
Remember the time I sucked on the blue pen until it exploded all over my mouth, my doll, and the bus? Somedays, I can still taste the ink. 
Remember the time I mixed up “baby food” and it was just flour and water. It stained my jumper, the one I wore to be the Robin in the 1st grade play. I’m not convinced my dolls ever forgot that moment in their lives.
Remember the time I sat down in the chair in the basement and the legs of the chair went flying. I landed on the floor. Everyone thought it was so funny. Then it happened again a few weeks later. As I recall every weak chair in our home always broke the moment I sat on it. So did that swing Dad hung from the tree out back. Only, it waited until I was convinced I could touch another limb of the tree before it broke. My rear end is still sore.
Remember the time I made brownies out of a box and I read the measurements wrong and we had the worlds slurpiest brownies? I kinda blocked that one out for a while allowing the reign of Teddy Bear bread to proceed in my memory bank, but now when Jayden asks for chocolate milk I snicker because I think about those brownies.
Remember when you and Rachel were in the hospital and I had to cook dinner for a week and you said there was stuff for sloppy joes and I made them. Only Dad was much kinder then D after I added too much flour mixture. The only time Sloppy Joes have ever been pink instead of white. The boys think it was funny that I didn’t know how to cook “once upon a time.” They also think it’s just a story because I said, “Once upon a time..” 
Remember that time I was having a really “terrible horrible no good day” and you brought Chalomine tea upstairs to my room? Well, when you left I threw the tea out the window because I didn’t like it. Only, I nearly hit D because he was outside in the driveway. He promised not to tell, I’m guessing he never did..
Remember the year you made everyone slippers (and probably other stuff too) for Christmas? I had purple pig slippers and have never forgotten them. For some reason they always remind me of that record we checked out of the library called the Goops. The only thing I can remember from that record is, “The Goops they lick their fingers..” 
Remember when you had us all memorize the poem Love Between Brothers And Sisters? I still can’t say the title of that poem without saying, “by Isaac Watts” I can still remember a few stanzas of the poem, and I’ve been known to quote it when the boys are fighting, especially the line, “little birds in their nests agree, and tis a shameful sight when children of one family fall out and chide and fight..” 
Remember how we both blubbered like babies at D’s wedding and Uncle Jeff leaned over and told us to suck it up. Which was made even funnier when they couldn’t get the lighter to work for the candles. I was worried Morgan might start giggling up there.. 
Remember when we left TN for Australia? Well, I cried all the way to the airport the first time. The second time we stopped at Wal-Mart in C’ville, and when we went in I was sure people would think something was terribly wrong with all of us and our puffy faces and red eyes. We stocked up on paperback books and a couple of videos for the plane ride back. That video nearly got us in big trouble when a giant shot-gun sounded on it and the couple behind us leapt up in the air in fright!
Remember when Morgan was born and you were spot on for saying he’d come on Thursday? The Dr was so not convinced, and I remember not caring by Thursday as long as I could stop gagging all over the place. I still can’t stand the thought of Taco bell, and ironically Morgan can’t eat enough Tacos to make himself happy.
Remember when I got married and we made the wedding dress in that funny mint green material with little tiny red flowers on it? When you were sick and in bed and I finished up the waist of the dress D walked in the kitchen and asked what I was sewing. When I told him it was my wedding dress his face went pale. I told him you picked out the material and he said, “Why the he.. did you let her do that?!” I laughed so hard I cried.
Remember when Rachel and I use to sleep in the basement rooms in Bergen? We use to sneak into each other’s rooms at night, and I remember going into my own room one night and the ceiling had fallen down on my bed. I always suspect those freakishly large mice that we had after our hamsters escaped to be the culprits.
Remember my science fair project that held up dinner? Remember how Mr Haley said no one could eat until all the projects were done and we had to wait an extra 20 minutes for the wax to melt? I have no idea what that project was about, I just remember having to wait.
Remember when Jayden was born and you came in the room and asked the nurse to go get my husband because he wouldn’t want to miss the birth and then the nurse had to tell you the baby had all ready been born? Thanks to the poor kid nearly being born on the toilet he’s convinced to this day he popped out in the toilet. He’s equally convinced he kicked my belly button popped out and ran around on a skateboard until the Dr’s caught him. Somedays he really makes us laugh.
Remember that time you were playing the piano and the tic-tac-toe shelf fell off the wall? I’m not sure Rachel found it very funny, but I can’t stop laughing when I think about it. I really loved those shelves. Morgan’s shelf would be full of rocks and shells and feathers, he’d probably try to line them up for three in a row too!
Remember that time Teddy had babies and D said there were little rubber erasers in the cage? Remember how you only tolerated hamsters because they didn’t have long tails like mice? I hate hamsters now! I can’t stand the thought of the boys owning one. I’m pretty sure you shouldn’t have let us have them either, it would have been a lot less work on the cats!
Remember the time Esther got closed in the fridge over night? You were so worried about her until she came out licking her chops from eating turkey all night. Remember when she went and hopped in the dryer and went for a quick tumble in there? I think she really proved cats have 9 lives.
Remember when I broke my arm at the Hollands? I refused to get out of the car because it hurt so bad and you weren’t sure how you were going to get me into the hospital. You were so annoyed with all those nurses for walking past us and never once stopping to help. Remember how all the little kids at church thought my arm was gone and then were amazed because God made it grow back again?
Remember the time I gave Buddy the little brass bell because you weren’t home and I didn’t know she wasn’t suppose to have it? Remember how she use to ring it every time we sat down to dinner? The boys think it’s a “once upon a story” that she use to love burnt toast. 
Remember how you guys painted my room purple when I spent the night at Aunt Jodi’s? I came home to a room with purple walls and the purple crochet afghan on the bed. Sometimes, I still dream of a purple room with a purple afghan on the bed; so does Morgan.
Remember that time I was going down to the basement and I stepped on the world’s biggest needle that was in a ball of yarn? We watched slides in the Family Room while I had my foot up. Sometimes, when I think about that, my foot still hurts.
Remember the year Charlie first came to America and we lost power for 3 days? We had to drop bags of boiling water in the fish tank; cook everything on the stove top; and you told us about those funny things you’d heard on the radio. No one would let you live down Flashing and Flipping for months! 
Remember when I sliced my knuckles open gluing that plate back together? You said I had to go to the hospital and I didn’t want to. Then that lady in the waiting room was telling horror stories and the Dr started to sew up my fingers before the Novocain had set in. I had vivid terrifying memories of that day when Morgan stepped on the pineapple tin.
Remember the time we were in the kitchen making food for Thanksgiving and D came in and called us a couple of old Saddle Bags. We laughed and when we shouted it back to him Dad walked in and said, “Ladies!” I think about that each time I make pies.
Remember how much I love you? I do. Happy Mother’s Day! 

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Tracey said...

This is very thoughtful! You are a great mother and daughter.