Saturday, May 22, 2010

Cinco De Mayo

May 5th was a Mexican holiday, and a great excuse to let my boys indulge in their fedish to make a pinata. Remember our fun with Scripute Adventures back around Easter? One of the craft suggestions was to make a pinata, when I presented this idea to the boys they were gung-ho until they realized they'd be sticking their little fingers into a gooey mess. Suddenly the idea wasn't as fun anymore. Their want of a pinata did not, however, diminish. In fact, when Daddy's birthday rolled around they wanted to know if we could get him a pinata and fill it up for his party. I was opposed. Being a sugar-free family I can't just rush out and fill it up with candies. My choices must be a tad more purposeful and planned. (Yes I know sugar-free candy exists, and as a treat they are permitted it from time to time, but this can also cause damage to some of the digestive systems in this house..) So, the deep desire for a pinata continued to loom over us, especially Jayden. I debated all sorts of ways to come up with one for his upcoming birthday when I was reminded of Cinco de Mayo. Why not pop in a quick history lesson with that pinata?

We were going to make mini pinata from egg carton cups, but I decided this idea would take less time. So we took an empty paperbag we had laying around and cut off the handles. Then I dumped a few treasures inside: football chips, a few sugar-free peppermints & butterscotch candies, stickers, GIANT balloons, & a few coins. After that I folded it over a hanger and stapled it closed. Morgan decorated it with some very unsticky Sponge Bob foam stickers we had in the cupboard. Then we hung it on the laundry horse and waited until Daddy was home from work. Don't you just love how Jayden covered his ears there? He's going through a phase where he detests loud noises unless he's making them, plus he was terrified Morgan was going to miss and break something!

Yes, they are using a mini cricket bat, that little bat gets quite the workout around this little pumpkin patch! It was quite fun watching the boys go at it until it finally popped wide open. There were many squeals of delight, and a whole lot of, "Can we close it back up and do that again?" I think the real thrill for them was knocking it open more then what was inside! After all, check out the look on Jayden's face in the above picture..

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