Monday, May 10, 2010

Book Shelf


My stack of books is constantly changing, growing, dwindling.. and moving.  My current stack toppled over when I was vacuuming and trying to avoid a stack of pyjamas that needed mending, which of course meant I had to stop and read a few pages of something..

1. Peter Reinhart's Whole Grain Breads: I've borrowed this one from the library and the recipes look completely awesome. Some may be considered painstakingly long, but they all look oh so delicious. There's a few I can't wait to try out!

2. Home Learning Year By Year:  I'm enjoying the books by Rebecca Rupp, and this one is another well spring of great information. It's also interesting to see what kids should know when based on US standards. I love all the tidbits of information in regards to books, programs, etc.

3. On The Banks Of Plum Creek: We're reading this one aloud with the boys. They are enjoying it as much as the other "Laura" books.  Sometimes we do a bit of narration from it and sometimes we just enjoy the read.

4. Homeschooling: A Patch Work Of Days: I checked this book out of my late last year and was unable to finish it before it had to be returned. When I went to check it out again the library system had no memory of it. I managed to find a used copy very inexpensively and have been enjoying it since. The entire book is just various families telling about one day in their life.

5. Comfortable In Your Own Skin: this is a book about body image written from a Christian perspective. It's a really good read, but I seem to be moving rather slowly through it.

6. A Single Shard: I haven't started this one yet, but it's been on my "I can't wait to read it" list for a long time. We fell in love with Linda Sue Park a few years ago when we read The Firekeeper's Son. Morgan loves anything to do with Korea, and I thought he might enjoy listening to this book with me.

To see other books we're reading, have read, or are planning to read check out our list here.


Michele said...

Great book list Kendra! There are a couple on your list I am interested in. I loved A Single Shard. I have read just about all of Linda Sue Park's books. We will be reading many of them aloud in the future!