Monday, May 10, 2010

Book Shelf

My stack of books is constantly changing, growing, dwindling.. and moving.  My current stack toppled over when I was vacuuming and trying to avoid a stack of pyjamas that needed mending, which of course meant I had to stop and read a few pages of something..

1. Peter Reinhart's Whole Grain Breads: I've borrowed this one from the library and the recipes look completely awesome. Some may be considered painstakingly long, but they all look oh so delicious. There's a few I can't wait to try out!

2. Home Learning Year By Year:  I'm enjoying the books by Rebecca Rupp, and this one is another well spring of great information. It's also interesting to see what kids should know when based on US standards. I love all the tidbits of information in regards to books, programs, etc.

3. On The Banks Of Plum Creek: We're reading this one aloud with the boys. They are enjoying it as much as the other "Laura" books.  Sometimes we do a bit of narration from it and sometimes we just enjoy the read.

4. Homeschooling: A Patch Work Of Days: I checked this book out of my late last year and was unable to finish it before it had to be returned. When I went to check it out again the library system had no memory of it. I managed to find a used copy very inexpensively and have been enjoying it since. The entire book is just various families telling about one day in their life.

5. Comfortable In Your Own Skin: this is a book about body image written from a Christian perspective. It's a really good read, but I seem to be moving rather slowly through it.

6. A Single Shard: I haven't started this one yet, but it's been on my "I can't wait to read it" list for a long time. We fell in love with Linda Sue Park a few years ago when we read The Firekeeper's Son. Morgan loves anything to do with Korea, and I thought he might enjoy listening to this book with me.

To see other books we're reading, have read, or are planning to read check out our list here.

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Michele said...

Great book list Kendra! There are a couple on your list I am interested in. I loved A Single Shard. I have read just about all of Linda Sue Park's books. We will be reading many of them aloud in the future!