Monday, May 31, 2010

Blog Awards

Over the past few months I've been passed on several blogging awards. It's always fun to know someone besides your own parents are out there reading what you write, but it can also be a tad intimidating. You start to wonder if you mentioned anything too crazy, or those pictures of my laundry drying from last winter.. Yeah, were any unsightly unders showing?! Okay, so I worry about weird things, like, "Did I suck up that cobweb I spotted in the bathroom? I'd hate for anyone else to see it!" or the dawning realization that the person you thought was attempting to stalk you in the shop three days ago might have actually been your neighbor and now probably thinks your insanely snobby. Incase your wondering, I have issues sleeping at night because even weirder thoughts are running through my mind.. Anyway, the point is I'm bad about posting blogging awards because I honestly don't travel around blogdom very much. It's true, and weird.

My worst habit is bookmarking everything and then my bookmarks become so full (and abnormally organized according to Mr Scarecrow) that I can't actually find what I'm looking for. I know that sounds completely wrong that if something is clean and neat you should be able to find it, but again I'm weird like that.. Anyway, I've decided to post three of the awards and list a few blogs I've been frequenting this month when I can.

Understand, that my blogdom visits change often based on the needs of my family, my creative mood, and a vast array of other things. You know like, needing to scrub the remaining sticky out of a soccer jersey before the 9 am game... or exactly what does fennel taste like (and I was referring to the stuff you can buy in the produce dept. not the spice isle!) I google some pretty nerdy stuff at times!  Anyway, on with the silly awards shall we?

The Lemonade Stand Award was given to me much earlier this year by Michelle over at the Active Family. According to the rules I'm suppose to nominate something like 10 blogs! Okay, please don't tell anyone, but I'm not sure I frequent 10 blogs on a regular basis!

The Sunshine Award comes from Renelee over on Dove's Rest.  I seriously doubt it's humble to admit that I felt rather stoked about the fact that I was thought of as a blogger who "inspired others and shows positivity and creativity", but I did. How's that for blatant prideful honesty? Again, I'm suppose to pass this award on to 10 other bloggers and well you know how that might turn out, right? You have been reading all the words, not every 4th word, right?

The Beautiful Blogger Award comes from Gae over at Cherished Hearts At Home. Honestly, I'm delighted Gae passed on any award to me, because she's met me in real life and met my insanely active boys. The same boys who have talked non-stop about how much fun they had playing with her children and how we all can't wait to have them over again. To accept this award I'm suppose to pass it on to 15 bloggers (if you guys are doing your math I'm now suppose to pass on awards to a total of 35 blogs! I might be in trouble here!!) as well as share 7 things about myself. Now, I'm pretty sure over my blogging history I've shared more then 7 things, but I'm up for sharing 7 more so, here we go:

1. Not only do I homeschool my children, but I was also homeschooled. My children think I'm so cool because I was homeschooled. They think it's very funny to hear stories about how some of the insanely naughty things we did during school time. You know, like shooting rubber bands at your siblings when you're suppose to be working on your monthly essay. Or, jumping up on your desk because your overly exuberant while reading your Shakespeare lines and you whack your head on the dropped ceiling in the "school room". Mind you, I'm not sure it's really sunk in yet that their Aunt and Uncle were homeschooled, which thus would surely put them up there on the scale of awesomeness. They are, however, highly disappointed to learn that their grandparents and father were not homeschooled.

2. As you know, I've participated in Nanowrimo for the past two years. In fact, I'm all ready in the planning mode for next year. I own the t-shirt, and any day I wear it I tell the kids it's going to be an AWESOME day because I'm wearing my FAVORITE t-shirt. What I haven't said before is that the story I wrote 2 years ago was only just finished up this year. Mr Scarecrow is the only person in the world with a current edited first chapter. Considering I saw it laying next to his side of the bed, but he hasn't said anything about it.. I'm concerned it bored him to death!

3. My favorite Bible verse has, for as long as I can remember, always been Deuteronomy 31:6, but as an adult (more so a mother) I started writing it backwards because I've always been drawn to the passage in Deuteronomy 6:6-9. Both of which were highlighted the same day Mr Scarecrow gave me my lovely new Bible for Easter.

4. My children love it when I tell them stories, especially true stories about themselves or other family members. They love hearing about when they were born, their past birthdays, when they were little(er), etc. One evening, when we were all staying in a hotel, the boys were wound up for the upcoming day at the zoo. I decided to coax them to sleep with a story.. It started out like this, "Once upon a time Morgan and Jayden woke up and said, 'Today is a beautiful day for a picnic!" Let's invite our friends, "Gram-Gram & Poppy to come with us." So they called their friends and their friends said, "Yes, it is a beautiful day for a picnic, will you come to our house so we can sit by the pond for our picnic?" "Yes, we will." So Morgan and Jayden loaded up their picnic basket with all sorts of yummy treats and then got in the car and drove to Gram-Gram and Poppies.." As I was about to say the next sentence this little voice pops up with, "Excuse me Mom, but how did they drive when they aren't allowed to have a license yet?" "They didn't need one." "That's against the law Mom, and we wouldn't do something like that." "But in a story you can pretend anything you want!" "But, Mom, we would never EVER pretend ANYTHING that was WRONG." And so the conversation went until Mr Scarecrow fell out of bed laughing...

5. I dislike lizards all most as much as I dislike mice. It's a true fact. In the summer when I hang out laundry there's one skink in particular who hounds me out there. It's like he knows I can't stand him and I only tolerate him in hopes he'll eat the spiders. One day, in his hurry to avoid being eaten by a bird he ran straight at me, and I in my panic through pegs at him and screamed until the men folks in my home came outside to laugh...

6. I like to eat raw green beans. Anytime. So do my kids. When they see me eating a handful of raw green beans they ask if they can have some. I'm so selfish I say no they have to go get their own from the veggie bin in the fridge. Sometimes, though, I might let them have the smallest one in my hand, which is equally selfish and mean. I take my green beans a little too seriously.

7. I can't stand reading a series of books out of order. My husband refers to these oddities as Monkisms which I attempt to strongly deny. However, my husband insists that only a person finely in tune with Mr Monk would be caught vacuuming the lightbulbs, reading book series in perfect order, and feeling fidgety when she can't put the books in size order on her own bookcase. I prefer to think of myself as a neat person, but Mr Scarecrow is convinced I may have deeper cleaning issues then simple "neatness". I have, however, never burned any of shirts simply because I was concerned the stain might spread to his other shirts..

Now, for the scant few blogs I tend to find myself visiting lately, and they are listed in no particular order:

1. Jen's Little Things -- I always get a good laugh when I peak in on Jen's blog.

2. Cooking During Stolen Moments -- this is a new one I stumbled upon recently and have enjoyed looking at the many recipes all though I've not tried a single one yet.

3. Healthy Indulgences -- a fellow homeschooler and friend point this one out to me. It's nice to find a blog with recipes that don't have sugar in them. Much less converting on my part, and honestly I can't wait to try out the Pavlova recipe!

4. Our Journey Westward -- I love history, and I love so many of the creative ideas Cindy has for having her kids share what they are learning. It inspires me to push my own children a pinch more then I probably do.

5. Schultz Party Of Four -- I've been visiting Katie's blog for forever it seems. I like the laughs and honesty and sincerity in which she posts. And, despite what she may say, I think she really is beautiful..

6. Cherished Hearts At Home -- Okay, so I know I all ready mentioned this blog, but I do enjoy peeking in on Gae's blog. She does some really amazing and fun stuff with her family, and I'm pretty sure if my kids catch sight of their Star Wars night their own plans for having an Uncle over to watch the films will blow into astronomical proportions.

See, I warned you that I probably wouldn't have 10 blogs. It's trust, and even some of the blogs I've listed I don't visit on a daily basis, but I still enjoy them. However, it looks like I need to come up with at least 4 more blogs that are fun to peek in on, so let's see what I can do..

7. Love Actually -- I'm pretty sure I might have mentioned this one a time or two. It's a fun blog with plenty of ideas for simplistic date nights for your loved one. I would not, however, suggest reading it with little eyes around. There are no (at least last time I was there) distasteful pictures on the blog, but there are ideas that I certainly wouldn't want my little ones reading..

8. Moda Bake Shop -- Seriously, if I could sit around and sew all day I might be able to make all the lovely things on this place. I can't, and that's okay, because it makes the projects I can work on that much more special. Right now, I'm currently working on this one (pictures coming very soon) and have a few more I've flagged to work on.

9. Journey Into Unschooling -- I don't read this blog often, but each time I do I am often inspired by an idea, a statement, an article. I'm pretty sure if Morgan saw the crafts they have fun with he'd be mega inspired to pull out the recycling and go at it. My latest inspiration came from this post. I'm loving this game idea, and it also helped us to formulate a game we were trying to plan out take shape.

10. Deliciously Clean Reads -- okay, so I know she moved her blogs all into one space, but I still love revisiting this particular blog. So much great info on so many books. I have been introduced to some amazingly good books this way.

Other blogs/websites I check in on from time to time (because I think I still have to add 5 more here..):

1. Crafty Crow -- I enjoy peeking in on the crafts that other people make; it's always fun to find new inspiration to make things.

2. My Blessings From Above -- Michelle and her boys are always up to something fun. Michelle also shares about all sorts of amazing deals those of you in America can cash in on. My boys, think her boys are awesome because they come from Korea. In case you can't tell, my kids are obsessed with S. Korea right now..

3. Dean's Academy -- I've posted this blog before, and I still love peeking in on this family. I am in total awe of Andrea after her completion of the recent Marathon. It's the kind of things I think about doing, but haven't actually put the effort into completing. Seriously, Andrea, I think you are amazing!

4. Joyful Mother Of Six -- Okay, so I have to admit that I make every effort to pop in and visit Leslie's blog at least once a week. I am always in awe of the amazing co-op she and her family are involved in! I've also been profoundly touched by their "recent" discovery that one of their son's have diabetes. I'm equally always made to smile when I read how her eldest daughter does the most amazing things for her siblings.. In fact, I'd love to see Rebecca win the regional division for the contest Khol's is having. And, as long as I'm mentioning this amazing family.. be sure to check out Rebecca's jewerly. She sells the jewellery to raise money to help heart patients.

5. Horsing Around At Home -- Tracey has been reading my blog for a while, and I also know her from a homeschool message board we both frequent. It's been fun peeking in on her happenings via her own blog!

Okay, I think I might be all blogged out now, and I'm sure I've missed some too! I tend to try to mention blogs that I know people don't frequent too often, because it's always fun to stumble upon that little known blog, isn't it?


Tracey said...

Kendra, thanks for mentioning my pathetic little blog. It is nothing compared to yours. I am so embarrassed by it, I will not even let my IRL best friend read it. She is always asking me to let her see it and I say "no way!" I really enjoy reading your blog. You cover a lot of different areas and you have a lot of useful tips.

Leslie said...

I loved reading all the fun and interesting things you wrote! I'd love to spend time hanging out with you. Coming stateside anytime soon? *grin* If so, I'd love to meet up.

Thank you for your sweet words about my family. Wish I could give you a big hug!!!


Gae said...

Dear kendra,
I found your list of interesting things fabulous.
I will have to look up some of those blog's you mentioned.
Thanks for the wonderful things you said about me.
Blush, Blush
Our children DID have great fun with your boys.