Monday, April 12, 2010

Warm As Wool Lapbook

As part of our pioneer studies we're "rowing" Warm As Wool by Scott Russell Sanders. The story is based on real people that he read about in the Ohio state history. It's illustrations are as beautiful as the story itself. This book touches on American Pioneers and their struggles during those first winters. The boys enjoyed the story and relating it to Ma, Pa, Laura, Mary & Baby Carrie. The boys are really hooked on the pioneer time frame right now and would deeply love to go to a pioneer village where you live, work, and eat as though you were living in that time frame.

Unfortunately, Warm As Wool, has been out of print for many years and only recently came back into print. This means that while there were a few pieces at Homeschool Share, our first stop for free lapbooks, there weren't many. I decided that rather then mope about what was lacking I'd simply make a lapbook that fit our needs. I really enjoy making lapbooks for the boys. Morgan really enjoys personalizing his lapbooks and tells us often how much fun he's having. Plus, it really doesn't take me all that long to make one. This one, for instance, was made up in an afternoon while the guys watched a footie match. The entire lapbook has 20 pages, including the front cover (pictured above). Which includes various booklets, cards, and links all based on the lessons in the Five In A Row Volume 3 Manual.

We had much fun today talking about the Great Lakes. When the boys learned that I have been to NY (use to live there), Ohio (traveled through it more then I can count, and man is that long..), and that I'd even ridden on a boat on the Erie Canal (everybody sing Low Bridge Everybody Down..) they were in awe. I, however was not prepared for Jayden's question, "So did you know the Wards Mom? Did you meet them and everything?" He was heavily disappointed when I told him I hadn't met them.

Tell me you love the clipboards! They look really cute in their lapbook all stacked together. I used a mini brad after stacking them up. The kids love clipboards and can't wait to tackle that booklet on Tuesday. I'm pretty sure Morgan will enjoy the lesson on Prologue, Epilogue, and Author's Notes. He really likes to know what inspired people to write stories. He's on a big phase/kick of true stories, even if the retelling is slightly fictional.

We'll be spending  a bit of time exploring sheep as well. Mind you, we won't have to go far for a field trip, but we may have to tie the dog up. He's convinced it's his job to herd the neighbor's sheep, and for a dog with very little training in this area he does an amazingly good job. I'm not entirely sure the neighbor is as appreciative, but for whatever reason when Buster sees sheep he feels the need to herd them all into a corner of their paddock. If we tell him no, he sits down and watches with great intensity. We'll also be having a spinning demonstration which we've invited the other homeschoolers to take part in. If you'd like to download the Warm As Wool lapbook you can do so here. You can view the completed, and assembled, lapbook here


Phyllis said...

I have not read the book before, but after downloading the lapbook, I think I will. This is one of the most beautiful and well thought out lapbooks I have ever seen. I just want to put it together myself to see it in its finished form!
Thanks so much for sharing it with us. I will let you know when we finish it.

Susan said...

Thank you for sharing this. I love sheep! I might do this myself, forget the kids!

Michele said...

Thank you Kendra! This is wonderful. I wish I knew how to make lapbook pieces. There are a couple of lapbooks I would love to make but I just cannot seem to figure it out.

Anonymous said...

I just came across your blog and wanted to say thanks! I'm going to print out a few of your lapbooks to use with our five in a row studies. You've made some very nice books.
Thanks Again!