Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Warm As Wool Lapbook Pictures

Thank you all so much for the kind comments and emails about the Warm As Wool lapbook. I really do enjoy making them, and I had a few spare minutes to get the pictures taken and uploaded to share. So here they are. Our good flash was in need of batteries so some of the pictures are a bit wonky on color. For instance, the file folder we used was actually a deep purple color, but you'll get the idea of how we chose to lay it out all the same. And yes, I print my kids booklets on colored paper and because we print out enough "stuff" for two lapbooks I can swap some of the colors between the two books so that they can get a booklet in one color and the title box for it in another sometimes. Unfortunately, we seem to run out of red paper way too quickly in this house, so this time I'm buying red file folders!

I did not take pictures of the insides of the booklets. I should have though, I know some of you would have enjoyed the little notes and pictures Morgan has tucked inside of his. (He let me use his for the pictures..) I especially love how he drew Betsy Ward with her sheep all around her feet after we discussed her character. He loves drawing and writing, and he's very detailed in what he does which is always really fun to see. Wait until you see the freehanded StarWars "mural" he did after being inspired by Paul Scott.

Here's what the inside looks like when you first open it up. You'll see in another picture that the right hand side lifts up for more goodies underneath it. Each booklet matches up with a lesson in the FIAR manual.

There's little sheepie counters inside the Sheep Math booklet. We'll be using those tomorrow for some fun Sheep math facts. It's a pocket book and so they just slip inside the pocket, but I think we'll need to paperclip them together because I've found a few on the floor over the past couple of days.

These are the booklets that are under the flap on the right side. The sheep poster is really neat because it identifies each part of the sheep. I especially love the sheep hiding in the pocket of the Sheep Vocabulary cards. Such a funny fellow he is!

Ignore the slightly darker side of this picture & the box of taco shells on the counter.. This is what the lapbook looks like if it's open with the flap lifted. We left a little open space because we know we'll have some fun pictures that the boys can tuck in there if they'd like. I also have a couple of sheep crafts that they might prefer to stick in there as well. Either way they are really enjoying this particular unit study! You can download the lapbook here.

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This lapbook looks great!